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Lawrence C. Todd - Adjunct Professor

Larry Todd (BA, University of Wyoming, MA, PhD, University of New Mexico) is also Professor Emeritus in Anthropology at Colorado State University and a Research Fellow in Anthropology at the University of Texas, Austin.   A native of Meeteetse (Wyoming), Larry has taught Anthropology/Archaeology at Denver University, Boston University, University of Wyoming, Colorado State University, and Northwest College. For much his academic career, he focused on excavation and taphonomic analysis of bison bonebeds. Since 2009 when he retired from Colorado State University and returned home to Meeteetse, he splits his time between researching early human paleoecology in NW Ethiopia and investigating prehistoric montane/alpine landuse in NW Wyoming.


Recent Publications (2015-2020)

Loewy, S.L., J. Valdes, H. Wang, B. Ingram, N.R. Miller, la Cruz Medina, A. Roberts, S. Yanny, J. Banner, M. Feseha, L. Todd, J. Kappelman.
      2020. Improved accuracy of U-series and radiocarbon dating of ostrich eggshell using a sample preparation method based on microstructure and geochemistry: A study from the Middle Stone Age of Northwestern Ethiopia. Quaternary Science Reviews 247:106525. DOI: 10.1016/j.quascirev.2020.106525

Tabor, N.J., A.H. Jahren, L. Wyman, M. Feseha, L.Todd, and J. Kappelman.
      2020. Stable Isotope Geochemistry of the Modern Shinfa River, Northwestern Ethiopian Lowlands: a potential model for interpreting ancient environments of the Middle Stone Age. In, Bojar, A.-V., Pelc, A. and Lecuyer, C. (eds) Stable Isotope Studies of the Water Cycle and Terrestrial Environments. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 507,

Reckin, R. and L.C. Todd.
      2020a Illuminating high elevation seasonal occupational duration using diversity in lithic raw materials and tool types in the greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, USA. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 57:101119.

Reckin, R. and LC Todd.
      2020b. Refining Chronology for Surface Collections: A New Adaptation of Morphological Dichotomous Keys for the Plains Typology and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Plains Anthropologist, 65:121-149.

Kappelman, J., R.A. Ketcham, S. Pearce, L. Todd, W. Akins, M.W. Colbert, C. Davis, M. Feseha, J.A. Maisano, and A. Witzel. 
      2019 Reply to Charlier et al. 2018. Mudslide and/or animal attach are more plausible causes and circumstances of death for AL 288 (‘Lucy’): A forensic anthropology analysis.  Medico-Legal Journal. DOI: 10.1177/0025817219849367.

Reckin, R. and L.C. Todd.
      2019 Social-boundary Defence, Mountain People and Obsidian in the Absaroka and Beartooth Mountains of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, USA. Hunter Gatherer Research 3.3:429-458.

Kappelman, J., R.A. Ketcham, S. Pearce, L. Todd, W. Akins, M.W. Colbert, M. Feseha, J.A. Maisano, A. Witzel.
      2016.  Permortem fractures in Lucy suggest mortality from fall out of tall tree.  Nature 537(7621):503-507.

Feathers, J.K., M.N .Zedeño, L.C. Todd, and S. Aaberg.
      2015.  Dating Stone Alignments by Luminescence. Advances in Archaeological Practice 3(4):378-396.

Todd, L.C
      2015.  A record of overwhelming complexity: High elevation archaeology in Northwestern Wyoming. In Papers in honor of James Benedict, Plains Anthropologist Memoir 43, edited by K.P. Cannon, J. Finley, and M.B. Cannon, pp. 67-86. Plains Anthropologist 60(236).

Todd, L.C.
      2019. Taking it to Another Level: Engaging the Archaeology of Northwestern Wyoming’s High Elevation Landscapes.  In Dinwoody Dissected: Looking at the Interrelationships between Central Wyoming Petroglyphs, edited by D. Walker, pp. 185-211. Wyoming Archaeological Society.

Todd, L.C., and D. Rapson.
      2016. Research and Public Visitation at Hudson-Meng, 1991-1996: Integrating Observations and Interpretations.  In Pisskan: Interpreting First Peoples Bison Kills at Heritage Parks, edited by L.B. Davis and J.W. Fisher, JR. pp. 195-223. University of Utah Press, Salt Lake. 



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