Department of Anthropology

Audrey C. Shalinsky
Emeritus Professor
Cultural Anthropology

B.A. 1973, University of Chicago
M.A. 1975, Harvard University
Ph.D. 1979, Harvard University •  A&S Dean's Office

Originally from Kansas City, she has worked at UW since 1980. Dr. Shalinsky served as head of the Anthropology Department from 1996-2005. She is currently Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. She has received the following awards:

The Wyoming Association of Professional Archaeologists (WAPA) award for dedicated service to Wyoming Archaeology (2004)
The College of Arts and Sciences Exemplary Faculty Award (2006)
The College of Arts and Sciences Clarence Seibold Professorship (2005-06)

Courses Taught:

Anth 5890   Teaching/Learning in Anthropology
Anth 2200   World Cultures
Anth 1200   Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Anth 4380   Visual Anthropology
Anth 4300   Anthropology of Religion
Anth 4360   Psychological Anthropology

Recent/Selected Publications:

2004-05 Student Atlas of Anthropology (with John Allen) McGraw Hill/Dushkin.

1996-97 Gender Issues in the Afghanistan Diaspora, Frontiers: A Journal of Women's Studies XVII (3): 102-123.

1991 The Aftermath of Fieldwork in Afghanistan: Personal Politics, Anthropology and Humanism Quarterly 16 (1): 2-9.

Research Interests:

Scholarship of teaching and learning in anthropology, Middle East/Central Asia, ethnicity, gender issues, global/regional conflict in Afghanistan/Pakistan, religion/ideological analyses.

Audrey Shalinsky

Audrey Shalinsky

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