Department of Anthropology

Jason Toohey

B.A. 1995, University of California Santa Barbara
M.A. 2000, California State University Northridge
Ph.D. 2009, University of California Santa Barbara • Anthropology Bldg 117

Jason Toohey is an anthropological archaeologist who is dedicated to taking a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to the field. He has conducted fieldwork in California, Baja California Sur (MX), and Peru. His current research focuses on the Cajamarca region of the northern Peruvian Andes where he has conducted fieldwork since 2003. His research focuses on the development of social complexity, leadership strategy, and community organization among middle range and early state societies. He addresses these issues through analysis of the built environment, ceramic production and exchange, and cuisine. Dr. Toohey is also developing a new research program, which will utilize faunal materials from Peruvian coastal sites spanning the Holocene to address contemporary issues of coastal conservation, fisheries, climate, and social change.

Courses Taught

ANTH 1300 Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 1450 World Archaeology
ANTH 4175/5175 Prehistory of South America
ANTH 4140-05 Archaeological Field School - Peru
ANTH 4150/5150 Maya, Aztec, Inca (online)
ANTH 4150/5150 Origins of the State
ANTH 5015 Archaeological Theory and Method

Recent Publications

Toohey, J.L. (2021) Cuisine and Social Differentiation in the Late Pre-Hispanic Cajamarca Highlands of Northern Peru. In Andean Foodways: Pre-Columbian, Colonial, and Contemporary Food and Culture, edited by J.E. Staller, pp. 109-136. Springer.

Chirinos Ogata, P. and J.L. Toohey (2020) Espacios prevados y espacios públicos: Nuevas investigaciones en el Complejo Arqueológico Callacpuma. In Actas de VI Congreso Nacional de Arqueología, Ministerio de Cultural, Lima.

Toohey, J.L. (2019) Late Intermediate Period Exchange as Reflected in Neutron Activation Analysis of Ceramics from the Cajamarca Basin, Peru. In Ceramics of Indigenous Cultures of South America: Studies of Production and Exchange through Compositional Analysis, edited by M.D. Glascock, H. Neff, and K.J. Vaughn, pp. 73-86. University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque.

Toohey, J.L. and P. Chirinos Ogata (2019) La tradición Cajamarca y la sierra norte del Perú. In Perú Prehispánico: un estado de la cuestión, edited by L.J. Castillo and E. Mujica, pp. 185-208. Ministerio de Cultural-DDC Cusco, Cusco.

Surovell, T.A., J.L. Toohey, A.D. Myers, J. M. LaBelle, J. Ahern, and B.J. Reisig (2017) The End of Archaeological Discovery, American Antiquity 82(2):288-300.

Ortiz, A., M.S. Murphy, J. Toohey, C. Brezine, and C. Gaither (2017) Hybridity? Change? Continuity? Survival? A study of biodistance and identity of colonial burials from Magdalena de Cao Viejo, Chicama Valley, Peru. In Colonized Bodies, Worlds Transformed: Toward a Global Bioarchaeology of Contact and Colonialism, edited by MS Murphy and HD Klaus, pp. 375-410. University Press of Florida, Gainseville.

Toohey, J.L. (2016) Reconciling Archaeological and Ethnohistoric Data for Coast-Highland Interaction in the Cajamarca Region, Ñawpa Pacha36(2):185-208.

Toohey, J.L., B. Geddes, M.S. Murphy, S. Pereyra Iturry, and J. Bouroncle (2016) Theorizing Residential Burial in Cajamarca, Peru: An Understudied Mortuary Treatment in the Central Andes. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 43: 29-38.

Toohey, J.L. (2015) Ceramic Exchange and Community Interaction in the Late Prehispanic Cajamarca Basin, Northern Peru. In Ceramic Analysis in the Andes, edited by I. Druc, pp. 123-138. Deep University Press, Wisconsin.

Toohey, J.L. (2013) Feeding the Mountains: Sacred Landscapes, Mountain Worship, and Sacrifice in the Maya and Inca Worlds, Reviews in Anthropology 42(3): 161-178.

Toohey, J.L. (2012) Recent Excavations at the Late Intermediate Period Village of Yanaorco in the Cajamarca Highlands. Andean Past 10: 263-267.

Toohey, J.L. (2011) Ceramic Assemblages and Spatial Patterning at Yanaorco: a Late Intermediate Period Village in the Cajamarca Highlands of Northern Peru. Ñawpa Pacha 31(2): 171-199.

Toohey, J.L. (2007) Taller de San Jose: A Prehistoric Quarry Near San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Pacific Coast Archaeological Society Quarterly 39(2&3): 37-52. pdf

Toohey, J.L. and J. Bouroncle (2004) Proyecto Yanaorco (2003/2004): Impresiones Preliminares sobre el Sitio Arqueologico de Yanaorco durante el Periodo Intermedio Tardio (900-1450 DC), Espiga II Etapa, Instituto Nacional de Cultura Cajamarca 2(6):53-61.


Jason Toohey

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