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Army ROTC Cowboy Battalion - Brown and Gold Books

Our Cadet handbooks provide general information about the Cowboy Battalion and provide a base line of knowledge for small unit tactics. Click on the pictures below to find a printable PDF of the books.


In the Brown Book, you will find basic tactical information to prepare you for success during all field training. Topics include:

  • Land navigation
  • Rifle marksmanship
  • Administration of First Aid
  • Troop leading procedures
  • Tactical movement formations
  • Basic battle drills

In the Gold Book you will find information on:

  • Our vision and priorities
  • The Army values
  • Cowboy Battalion History
  • Distinguished Alumni
  • General knowledge of Army organization
  • Uniforms & Appearance
  • Physical fitness test standards


University of Wyoming Brown Book Army ROTC 

University of Wyoming Army ROTC Brown Book

Unviersity of Wyoming Army ROTC Gold Book 

Unviersity of Wyoming Army ROTC Gold Book


Battle Book:

BattleBook (PDF)

The purpose of a battle book is to provide cadets a portable handbook to carry while in the field. Within the battle book there is an OPORD shell, Call for Fire card, 9 Line MEDEVAC card, radio reports, and more.

*The battlebook is a PDF document that is ready to print. Every-other page is staggered so it is lined up correctly front and back. Feel free to make changes to the document to better fit your style of briefing/executing tactical lanes.

Steps to make these pages into a book:

  1. Print off pages.
  2. Hole-punch the pages on the left side, top and bottom.
  3. Laminate the pages (Copy and Print Center in the Union can do this for a few dollars).
  4. Purchase binder rings (can be purchased in the Uwyo Bookstore).
  5. Attach pages to the rings. Put them in an order that is convenient for you.


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