ASUW Approves Special Projects

Wyoming Union Where ASUW is Located

ASUW is thrilled to announce the approval of nearly $80,000 in funding for an array of special projects on campus. This substantial allocation will contribute to enhancing various aspects of student life. The approved funding includes support for the following projects: $18,300 for IT, covering the acquisition of calculators and iPads; $6,193 for Campus Rec, earmarked for outdoor equipment; $4,979 for the Cheney Center to create a mural; $14,739 for the Half Acre project, specifically for a Treadwall; $4,872 for the Innovation Wyrkshop, dedicated to enhancing the makerspace; $7,242 for the Cowboy Robotics Club, facilitating the acquisition of essential equipment; $2,707 for Student Orgs, allocated for game rentals; $11,000 for Transportation, supporting the installation of display monitors to track bus arrivals and departures; and $8,999 for the Wyoming Union project, providing portable chargers. ASUW is proud to contribute to these initiatives, fostering innovation, recreation, and community engagement on campus.

For a detailed breakdown, see below:


IT - Calculators and iPads                 | $18,300

Campus Rec - Outdoor Equipment     | $6,193

Cheney Center - Mural                      | $4,979

Half Acre - Treadwall                         | $14,739

Innovation Wyrkshop - Makerspace    | $4,872

Cowboy Robotics Club – Equipment    | $7,242

Student Orgs - Game Rentals             | $2,707

Transportation - Monitors                   | $11,000

Union - Portable Chargers                  | $8,999

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