ASUW Funding Board Approves Funding (Fall 2023 Recap)

CASA 2022 Student Organization Event Funded by ASUW

ASUW is excited to announce the approval of over $50,000 in funding for a diverse array of Student Organizations during the fall of 2023. This substantial financial support has been allocated to empower student-led initiatives, enabling the realization of impactful events and the establishment of new organizations. Noteworthy allocations include contributions to major events such as Indian Student Association’s (MILAAP) enchanting Diwali Night and the International Student Association's (ISA) Etiquette Dinner. In addition, ASUW has championed the formation of new student organizations, including Be the Match and UW Martial Arts, fostering a vibrant and inclusive campus community. This commitment to supporting student-led initiatives reflects ASUW's dedication to enhancing the student experience and promoting a diverse and engaging campus environment.

ASUW encourages all student organizations on campus to apply to Funding Board in the Spring of 2024 for an opportunity to host an event, register for a conference, or access start-up funds if you are new to campus. Please contact ASUW Director of Student Organizations and Outreach Laura Murphy at for all inquiries and assistance.

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