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Department of Botany

College of Agriculture, Life Sciences and Natural Resources

Stephen T. Jackson

Professor Emeritus

Steve Jackson


PhD. Indiana University, Bloomington, 1983 
   Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
   Minor: Plant Sciences

M.S. Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, 1978 
   Major: Botany

B.A. Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, 1977 
   Major: Botany
   Minor: Geology

Professor Emeritus, 2012


Current Position

Director, Department of the Interior Southwest Climate Science Center, U.S. Geological Survey, Tucson, AZ


Current Courtesy Appointments

Adjunct Professor of Geosciences, University of Arizona

Adjunct Research Professor of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Arizona

Adjunct Professor of Life Sciences, Imperial College London, Silwood Park, UK.

Senior Fellow, Integrated History and Future of People on Earth (IHOPE), Uppsala University


Research Interests

Vegetation and climate history of North America since the last glacial maximum

Climate-change adaptation

Conservation biology and paleobiology

Translational ecology


Current & Recent Service

Board of Reviewing Editors, Science (2016 – 2019)

Editorial Board, Trends in Ecology and Evolution (2011-2017)

Editorial Board, Ecology Letters, 2013-2015

Editorial Board, Frontiers in Ecology and Environment, 2007-2015

Co-Chair, Steering Committee for U.S. National Participation in the International Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem (IPBES) (2013-2016)

Advisory Board, International Quaternary Union (INQUA) Commission on Humans and the Biosphere (2012-2015)

Steering Committee, U.S. Department of Agriculture Southwest Climate Hub

Steering Committee, California Landscape Conservation Cooperative (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)

Steering Committee (ex officio), Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and Bureau of Land Management)

Steering Committee (ex officio), Southern Rockies Landscape Conservation Cooperative (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and Bureau of Reclamation)

Advisory Committee, Intermountain Adaptation Partnership (U.S. Forest Service)


Selected Recent Publications

Jackson, S.T.  2015.  Leaving the academy for conservation.  Science 350:594.

Armsworth, P.R., E.R. Larson, S.T. Jackson, D.F. Sax, P. Simonin, B. Blossey, N. Green, M.L. Klein, L. Lester, T.H. Ricketts, M.C. Runge & M.R. Shaw.  2015.  Are conservation organizations configured for effective adaptation to global change?  Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 13:163-169.

Dietl, G.P., S.M. Kidwell, M. Brenner, D.A. Burney, K.W. Flessa, S.T. Jackson & P.L. Koch.  2015. Conservation paleobiology: leveraging knowledge of the past to inform conservation and restoration.  Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Science 43:79-103.

Jackson, S.T. & J.L. Blois.  2015.  Community ecology in a changing environment: perspectives from the Quaternary.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112:4915-4921.

Higgs, E., D.A. Falk, A. Guerrini, M. Hall, J. Harris, R.J. Hobbs, S.T. Jackson, J. Rhemtulla, & W. Throop.  2014.  The changing role of history in restoration ecology.  Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 12:499-506.

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Humboldt, Alexander von.  2014.  Views of Nature, with Scientific Annotations (1849). (translated by M.W. Person; edited by S.T. Jackson and L.D. Walls).  University of Chicago Press.  344 p. 

Jackson, S.T., R.K. Booth, K. Reeves, J.J. Andersen, T.A. Minckley & R.A. Jones.  2014.  Inferring local to regional changes in forest composition from Holocene macrofossils and pollen of a small lake in central Upper Michigan, USA.  Quaternary Science Reviews 98:60-73.

Miller, D.M., I.M. Miller, and S.T. Jackson.  2014.  Biogeography of Late Pleistocene conifer species from the Ziegler Reservoir fossil site, Snowmass Village, Colorado.  Quaternary Research 82:567-574.

Blois, J.L., J.W. Williams, M.C. Fitzpatrick, S.T. Jackson & S. Ferrier.  2013.  Space can substitute for time in predicting climate-change effects on biodiversity.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 110:9374-9379.

Jackson, S.T.  2013.  Natural, potential, and actual vegetation in North America.  Journal of Vegetation Science 24:772-776.

Lesser, M.R. & S.T. Jackson.  2013.  Contributions of long-distance dispersal to population growth in colonizing Pinus ponderosa populations.  Ecology Letters 16:380-389.

Lesser, M.R., T.L. Parchman & S.T. Jackson.  2013.  Development of genetic diversity, differentiation and structure over 500 years in four ponderosa pine populations.  Molecular Ecology 22:2640-2652.

Liu, Y., Andersen, J.J., J.W. Williams & S.T. Jackson.  2013.    Vegetation history in central Kentucky and Tennessee during the last glacial and deglacial period.  Quaternary Research 79:189-198.

Thompson, A. & S.T. Jackson.  2013.  The human influence: moral responsibility for novel ecosystems.  Pages 125-150 in R. Sandler and J. Basl (editors).  Designer Biology: The Ethics of Intensively Engineering Biological and Ecological Systems.  Lexington Books.

Booth, R.K., S. Brewer, M. Blaauw, T.A. Minckley & S.T. Jackson (corresponding author).  2012.  Decomposing the mid-Holocene Tsuga decline in eastern North America.  Ecology 93:1841-1852. 

Booth, R.K., S.T. Jackson, V.A. Sousa, M.E. Sullivan, T.A. Minckley & M. Clifford.  2012.  Multidecadal drought and amplified moisture variability drove rapid forest community change in a humid region.  Ecology 93:219-226.

Booth, R.K., S. Brewer, M. Blaauw, T.A. Minckley & S.T. Jackson.  2012.  Decomposing the mid-Holocene Tsuga decline in eastern North America.  Ecology 93:1841-1852. 

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Jackson, S.T.  2012.  Conservation and resource management in a changing world: Extending historical range-of-variability beyond the baseline.  Pages 92-109 in J.A. Wiens, G.D. Hayward, H.D. Safford, and C. Giffen (editors). Historical Environmental Variation in Conservation and Natural Resource Management.  Wiley-Blackwell.

Jackson, S.T2012.  Representation of flora and vegetation in Quaternary fossil assemblages: known and unknown knowns and unknowns.  Quaternary Science Reviews 49:1-15.

Lesser, M.R. & S.T. Jackson.  2012.  Making a stand: five centuries of population growth in colonizing stands of Pinus ponderosaEcology 93:1071-1081.

Contact Us

Department of Botany, 3165

Aven Nelson Room 114

1000 E. University Ave.

Laramie, WY 82071

Phone: 1-307-766-4207

Fax: 1-307-766-2851