CarbonSAFE Project

CarbonSAFE - Phase I: Rock Springs Uplift

Integrated Pre-Feasibility Study of a Commercial-Scale CCS Project in Paleozoic and Mesozoic Formations of the Rock Springs Uplift, Wyoming

Project Overview: The objective of this project is to perform a pre-feasibility assessment for a secure, commercial-scale, CO2 capture and storage (CCS) project at the Rock Springs Uplift (RSU), Wyoming. The RSU is a previously studied saline geologic storage complex with excellent sealing characteristics that has the potential to securely store well in excess of 50+ million metric tons of anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2). Previous work shows that such expectations and volumes are realistic, and the political, regulatory, and legal atmosphere in Wyoming gives this project the greatest chance of success. The project's initial scenario and related study objectives are: (1) screen the best potential study sites on or near the RSU on the basis of geologic certainty, regulatory and economic constraints; (2) complete a CO2 source assessment based on post-combustion capture of CO2 from PacifiCorp's Jim Bridger Power Station (JBPS), which is the largest point source of anthropogenic CO2 in the State of Wyoming; (3) determine the feasibility for transport using the existing CO2 pipeline network or through a new pipeline organized by the Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative (WPCI), (4) develop an economic model to determine the business-based feasibility of regional carbon utilization and storage, and/or incorporating low carbon power sales to users; (5) determine the regulatory framework needed to develop commercial-scale storage at the study site, and; (6) complete a geologic study of the study site to investigate utilizing stacked storage reservoirs within the RSU to enhance total storage capacity.


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