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The Good Mule Project

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The Good Mule Project is an event series at the University of Wyoming fostering a community of dialogue and action around issues of multiculturalism and diversity through the lens of social justice activism.

What's in a name?

The Good Mule Project’s name recognizes the steadfast and resilient nature of the mule. Our communities are facing vast and complex issues and are in need of individuals with personal stories, ideas, and talents to be committed to the continual process required of creating positive change through social justice activism. The Good Mule Project seeks to impart the nature of the mule onto such individuals we encounter as social justice activists.

Upcoming Good Mule Project Events

March 2023 People's Supper

Past Good Mule Project Events


People's Suppertext- "The Good Mule Presents- The People's Supper"
The Poverty SimulationPattie Gonia
fork to the left of the image, to the right text that reads "The Good Mule Project Presents- The People's Supper- March 3"
Text in an outline of a picnic basket. Text reads "The People's Picnic"
Text "The Good Mule Project Presents- The Opposite of Hate- A People's Supper"
Image of a classroom. Text on a chalkboard that reads "The Good Mule Project Presents Social Justice 101 Union Ballroom"
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