Alexander James

College of Business

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Associate Professor


I am an applied micro economist with interests in natural resource and environmental economics, development economics, behavioral economics, and experimental methods. I have written extensively on resource-rich economies. I am particularly interested in understanding how the natural environment shapes political, economic, and social outcomes. I am also interested in behavioral economics and have written on the economics of truth-telling, charitable giving, and beyond.

Selected Publications

James, A., & Rivera, N. M. (2022). Oil, politics, and “corrupt bastards”. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 111, 102599.

Berry, K., James, A., Smith, B., & Watson, B. (2022). Geography, Geology, and Regional Economic Development. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 115, 102715.

Charlton, D., James, A., & Smith, B. (2022). Seasonal agricultural activity and crime. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 104(2), 530-549.

Jacquemet, N., James, A. G., Luchini, S., Murphy, J. J., & Shogren, J. F. (2021). Do truth-telling oaths improve honesty in crowd-working?. PloS one, 16(1), e0244958.

List, J. A., Murphy, J. J., Price, M. K., & James, A. G. (2021). An experimental test of fundraising appeals targeting donor and recipient benefits. Nature Human Behaviour, 5(10), 1339-1348.

James, A., Retting, T., Shogren, J. F., Watson, B., & Wills, S. (2022). Sovereign wealth funds in theory and practice. Annual Review of Resource Economics, 14, 621-646.

Cherry, T. L., James, A. G., & Murphy, J. (2021). The impact of public health messaging and personal experience on the acceptance of mask wearing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of economic behavior & organization, 187, 415-430.


  • PhD, University of Wyoming
  • BA California State University, Chico



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