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Lab Facilities

Lab Facilities

The University of Wyoming’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is well known for its strong laboratory program. The laboratory experience is the heart of a good engineering education, and the facilities in EECS at the University of Wyoming are exceptional.

The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department’s curriculum is very lab-intensive. Labs are updated, remodeled, and maintained continuously to keep up with the rapidly changing field of  electrical engineering. Teamwork between course instructors and staff ensure that necessary parts and test equipment are available, and laboratory teaching assistants, typically graduate students, ensure equipment is functional and that students understand how to operate the equipment properly.

Within the department, a variety of equipment is available for faculty and student use, including an open graduate student lab, a student lab, and teaching lab, running Microsoft Windows and Red Hat Linux Operating Systems. In addition, the computer classroom with removable hard drives that enable multiple operating systems to be run, giving students exposure to many platforms. The department also maintains a cluster of dual processor Linux servers.


Students are also encouraged to work with faculty members on research projects, these projects typically use equipment dedicated to research activities.

The following is a list of the department laboratories and some of the updates that have been made recently. 

Industrial Controls (EN 5064)

This laboratory supports our new Industrial Controls and Process Controls courses. These courses and laboratories were developed in direct response to demand from our advisory council in support of industries throughout the State.

The lab renovation involved significant upgrades to the laboratory facility itself and the installation of the laboratory benches and equipment. The target device for the laboratory is the Allen-Bradley SLC-500 Programmable logic controller, avery common PLC used throughout industry. In addition to the PLCs, power supplies, signal generators, oscilloscopes, and personal computers used to program the PLCs were also added.

In addition to the primary Industrial Control lab, the Wyoming Motor Center houses the new large process controls experimental apparatus. This two-tank level control system gives students hands-on control of a process similar to one they may see in industry.

Senior Design (EN 5061)

This lab supports our Senior Design sequence of courses. Seniors have freedom to choose projects from the different electrical and computer engineering disciplines, and this lab is well-equipped to support the different types of designs. This includes a wide variety of test equipment, prototyping stations, computer simulation and software development systems, and the development systems for microcontroller programming.

Electronics I (EN 5054)

This lab is used to support a number of different classes including Bio-Instrumentation, Communication Theory, Image Processing, and Digital Signal Processing. The  majority of the equipment on the benches in this lab was replaced approximately 5 years ago, and is still very functional for the courses it supports.

Electronics II (EN 5058)

The Electronics II lab was completely renovated in the summer of 2012. This lab supports the sequence of two required electronics courses, as well as a number of elective

Circuits (EN 5049)

The Basic Circuits lab has been significantly upgraded. Six new laboratory benches have been installed, with updated electrical connections. In addition, lab equipment including oscilloscopes, function generators, frequency counters, and multi-meters have been replaced with updated models.

Electromechanics (EN 5041)

This lab contains three benches specifically designed for experiments involving electric machines and three-phase power. Each bench also has an assortment of electric  motors, transformers, and instrumentation for testing electric machines. In the past year, a new motor analysis board from MotorSolver has been installed. This includes a data acquisition system, a power electronics control board, a new PC, and a number of motors and generators. This system allows students to observe and design different control schemes and analyze the results.

Student Computer Laboratory (EN 5038)

In the summer of 2013, new computers were purchased for this lab. During the last computer replacement cycle, the number of computers in this lab was increased from 12 to 16, and dual monitors have been installed on all of the workstations. This has been very popular with the students, and makes working on many different types of reports and designs much easier. New chairs, carpet, lighting, and electrical, have all added to the environment of the lab. An overhead projector has also been installed to allow class demonstrations.

Auxiliary Student Computer Laboratory (EN 5031)

This lab has been fully remodeled, including new computers, tables, chairs, carpet, and lighting. The number of workstations has been increased from 4 to 6, and dual wide, flat-panel monitors have been installed. This has eased the congestion in the main lab, and increased the total number of workstations available in the lab area from 17 to 23.

Digital Design and Microprocessors (EN 5030)

This lab support Digital and Advanced Digital design course, as well as a sequence of Microprocessor and Microcontroller courses. The lab computers at each bench have been
updated, and all of the labs redeveloped for the latest developer’s tools. New development boards for the Microprocessors class, the Digital Systems class, and the Advanced Digital course, have all been integrated into the labs. A new network device programmer has also been integrated into many of the labs.

Computer Networks (EN 5024)

This computer-based classroom received new computers during the summer of 2013. A new SmartBoard presentation system has also been installed. This lab is primarily used for computer engineering courses, but is also used for other classes that need the computer demonstration capability.

Computer Science Teaching Lab (Eng 4059)

Purpose: Teach Computer Science classes.
When there are not classes scheduled it in this lab, it is available for general use during the day (between 8am and 5pm). Check the door for a list of scheduled courses and open times.

Compture Science General Lab (Eng 4086)

It has both MS Windows and Linux. The Windows boxes have the same software as the computers in ENG 4059. This lab contains CD burners, however, duplication of copyright material is strictly prohibited.
It is open Monday through Friday 8am and 5pm

IT lab (Eng 2109)
Purpose: Teaching and General computer lab
This lab is staffed by IT lab assistants.
Hours: Varies



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