Principles of STEP 1102

Fostering Student Success

The main goal of the University of Wyoming First Year Experience Course, STEP 1102, is to foster student success in the first year. Nationwide, this type of course has been proven to be an intervention that has direct correlation with positive student persistence.

The instructional principles of STEP 1102 are as follows:

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  1. STEP 1102 is an optional one-credit supplementary course.
  2. The content in STEP 1102 complements the First-Year Seminar, but does not duplicate it.
  3. Special program-specific FYE courses, such as Health Sciences, Exploratory Studies, or Honors College, will be offered in addition to the general STEP 1102 course.
  4. Teaching methodology is critical to the student’s learning success, so instructor qualifications are very important to the selection process.
  5. Classes will remain small and discussion-oriented with a capacity of 20.
  6. Special emphasis is placed on establishing positive relationships between professors and students.
  7. Reflective writing in journals is essential in order for teachers to keep current with students’ lives and intervene, when necessary.
  8. Significant time should be devoted to making students aware of campus resources and referral to services offered, when necessary.
  9. Frequent feedback is important for students who are not yet used to college-level demands.
  10. Frequent reading assignments will be incorporated. An ideal model would be the incorporation of a common reading across all STEP 1102 courses. (Plans to incorporate a "Common Read" at UW will follow the successful implementation of the first semesters of the STEP 1102 courses.)
  11. STEP 1102 material will be easily applicable to a student’s everyday experience. Making regular connections between the course content and resources outside of the course is essential.
  12. STEP 1102 emphasizes cultural diversity by incorporating training on diversity awareness.
  13. STEP 1102 benefits both students and faculty. Techniques that faculty incorporate into the course contribute to student success and retention. STEP 1102 instructors will have the opportunity to be a part of a learning community that collaboratively shares teaching strategies and instructional reflection. 
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