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Sick Leave Donations

The Sick Leave Donation program allows for eligible benefited employees to voluntarily transfer sick leave hours to another eligible employee on FMLA. Benefited employees may receive donated sick leave if they are eligible and are approved for leave according to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and have an immediate and reasonable need for such assistance as verified by a health care provider and determined by Human Resources. Donations are made by the donor using a paper form to donate to the employee on FMLA. Employees can donate any amount of their own sick leave balance as long as their balance does not fall below 80 hours. The receiving employee must have exhausted all available sick leave, compensatory time, and vacation leave prior to utilizing donated sick leave.

When the employee returns to work and FMLA ends, unused donated sick leave is forfeited and adjusted to zero. Employees who receive payments under voluntary Short-Term and Long-Term Disability (STD, LTD) Insurance are not eligible for donated sick leave (i.e., employees will not receive both donated sick leave payments and STD and LTD payments).

Employees who wish to donate sick leave must be in an active pay status and have accrued more than 80 hours of sick leave. Donating employees are required to maintain a minimum balance of 80 hours of their own sick leave after donating.

More information about the Family Medical Leave Act can be located on the HR webpage.