Graduate Certificate in Community & Public Health


The Division of Kinesiology & Health (DKH)  is pleased to offer a Graduate Certificate in Community & Public (CPH). Those who enroll in the certificate program and complete the four required courses will receive a Graduate Certificate in Community & Public Health from the University of Wyoming on their transcript, with additional specializations available.
This entirely online, asynchronous certificate is designed:
  • To provide accessible and practical professional development to public health practitioners in the field, in particular those without formal training in CPH or who wish to extend their training.
  • To broaden the education of current UW students preparing for clinical careers in CPH.
  • To offer current UW students CPH career and higher education preparation.  
  • To support other residents and professionals in growing healthier communities.


Required Coursework

To work with students' schedules, all required courses are online, asynchronous and run Monday - Sunday. All required courses are worth 3 credits each.
Successful completion of UW’s Graduate Certificate in Community & Public Health requires that students receive a B or A in each of the four required core certificate courses:
  1. HLED 5022: Unlocking the Potential of Public Health. Using practical exercises and problem based learning, students investigate how social structures shape our health and how to alter them to improve community health.
  2. HLED 5023: Using Epidemiology to Build Healthier Communities. In this course, students learn how to accurately interpret and weigh the evidence for any public health issue and are required to apply this knowledge to a specific public health topic of their choosing. At the end of the course students have new insight into what our best public health decisions might be based on available evidence.
  3. HLED 5024: Increasing Support for Public Health Projects. Students learn how to effectively build support for improving the health of their communities. Support includes funding, coalition and partnership building, effective communications with the public and policy makers, and participatory project planning with community stakeholders. In addition, this course will cover how to establish project evaluation frameworks.
  4. HLED 5021: Creating Conditions for Community Health. In this online course we will analyze and discuss how to change environmental causes and influences on individual health behavior or health status. The assignments you do will center on a community and health issue that you chose (e.g., chew tobacco use in school baseball players in Wyoming; texting while driving among UW students; meth use in your hometown). You will assess the issue and the research on its immediate and its “macro” socio-ecological causes. You will then develop an action plan to improve the conditions (the environment) in that community in ways the evidence suggests will help improve health. 



For questions, inquiries, and to begin the enrollment process, contact:
Lacey Gaechter, MS
Community and Public Health Certificate Program Coordinator 
University of Wyoming Division of Kinesiology & Health
(307) 225-9775
Please download our CPH Certificate Details PDF for additional information including:
  • Student Project & Course Sequence
  • Specialization Courses
  • Eligibility
  • Enrolling


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