Kinesiology and Health Intellectual Community Seminar



The specific objectives of the seminar include:

  1. Encouraging interdisciplinary discussion and collaboration between students and faculty members within and outside of the Division of Kinesiology and Health.

  2. Expanding the breadth of students’ knowledge in the areas of Kinesiology and Health.

  3. Presenting professional development opportunities and internal and external resources that will help enhance students’ research, teaching, service, and non-academic skills.

  4. Introducing academic and/or non-academic career pathways and sharing valuable career experiences to support students’ career goals.

  5. Providing students with presentation and interaction opportunities to improve their communication skills.

  6. Offering a welcoming and inclusive environment to discuss important topics, including but not limited to diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice, international collaborations, and cultural differences.

In Fall 2023, the seminar will meet approximately once every two weeks for one hour (See Seminar Schedule). The seminar will be organized by the Intellectual Community Seminar Subcommittee. Please contact Dr. Kelly Simonton ( if you have any questions.

List of seminars in the Division of Kinesiology and Health.

September 6: Recorded Video Link Passcode: XW3T#1h=

September 19: Recorded Video Link Passcode: ?Zz9%A7Q

   October 3: Recorded Video Link Passcode: 80*f$p9z

   November 14: Recorded Video Link Passcode: cR&V#Y20

   November 28: Recorded Video Link Passcode: 869#Z%=$