Appellate Advocacy


Appellate Advocacy

Course Number: 6915
Professor: Meredith Esser
Credit Hours & Type of Credit: 3
Semester Offered: Fall
Required: No
Prerequisites: Completion of first year courses
Recommended Courses: N/A

Course Overview: This course will introduce students to basic principles of appellate practice including reviewing a record, the importance of preserving issues at the trial level, standards of review on appeal, appellate brief writing, oral advocacy, and subsequent motions practice (e.g. motions for en banc review and drafting Supreme Court petitions for certiorari). The course will require observation of at least one appellate argument and will require significant written work and class participation in simulations and class discussion. 

Materials: See the current Book List located under Scheduling, supplemental materials
Course Format: Lecture, class discussion, simulation
Written Assignments: Appellate brief and other written assignments, oral advocacy assignments
Type of Exam: none
Basis for Grading Student Performance: Written work and class participation
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