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  • outside of Coe Library main entrance

    William Robertson Coe Library

    Campus Research Hub

    Coe Library opened in 1957 as the main library for the University of Wyoming. It had two major additions in 1978 and 2009 and is the largest library in the state, with over 1.4 million books. Coe Library is home to the McMurry Reading Room, Coe Student Innovation Center, One Button StudioStudio Coe, Emmett D. Chisum Special Collections, as well as the Book & Bean Café.

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    Circulation: 307-766-3190
    Research: 307-766-2070

  • birds eye view of the Geology building

    Brinkerhoff Geology Library

    Earth Sciences

    In the 1950s, the Brinkerhoff Geology Library was established in the S.H. Knight Geology Building. The branch holds collections of S.H. Knight, Wyoming Geological Survey contributions and items purchased and recommended by the Geology Department. The space was renovated in 1999, and houses Geology-related collections, electronically controlled compact shelving, topographic maps, student computers, and study spaces.

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    Location:  S.H. Knight Geology Bldg. Rm 121
    Circulation: 307-766-3190
    Research: 307-766-2070

  • young person looking at books on a cart in the LRC

    Learning Resource Center

    UW Lab School

    The Learning Resource Center serves as the curriculum materials center for the University of Wyoming College of Education and supports methods and practicum courses. It is also the school library for the UW Lab School. The LRC holds a circulating collection of children’s and young adult books, as well as curriculum sets.

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    Location: Education Building Rm 222
    Circulation: 307-766-2527  

  • shelves in the Library Annex

    Library Annex

    High-Density Storage

    The Library Annex is a high-density storage facility holding government documents and pre-2006 periodicals. The Library Annex is closed to the public. Please request materials using Hold For Me via the Libraries QuickSearch. To set up an appointment to use the collection, see the contact information below.






    Circulation: 307-766-2633


  • plants in a book of newspaper

    Rocky Mountain Herbarium

    Historic Taxonomic Literature

    The Rocky Mountain Herbarium contains non-circulating collection of systematics literature for North America and major floristics and systematics treatments for the world. The branch specializes in the systematic classification of vascular plants, with emphasis on western North America. The collection also includes historic taxonomic literature and microfiche editions of historically important herbaria and type collections.

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    Location:  Aven Nelson Bldg 3rd floor
    Circulation: 307-766-2844


  • The Teton mountains

    University of Wyoming - National Park Service Center Library

    The UW-NPS Center Library is located in Grand Teton National Park. The collection supports the educational and research needs of researchers working at the Center's field station at the AMK Ranch in Grand Teton National Park. The collection houses 1,500 volumes related to the zoology, botany, and geology of Grand Teton National Park and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. 

    Location:  Grand Teton National Park     

    Mailing address:   
    Dept 3166    
    1000 E University Ave    
    Laramie,  WY 82071    

    307-766-4072 Coe Library, Laramie    
    307-543-2984 UW/NPS home    







  • person using VR in the Coe Student Innovation Center

    Coe Student Innovation Center

    The 2500-square-foot CSIC makerspace serves to provide a central introductory hub for students interested in creative, collaborative, innovative projects. The equipment in the CSIC supports 3D printing and scanning; sewing, embroidery, and vinyl cutting; large format printing; on-site repairs with tools for check out; virtual reality exploration; laptops with CAD and modeling software; and robotics equipment for K-12 instruction.

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    Location: Coe Library, Rm 233
    Jane Crayton

  • person making a video in One Button Studio

    One Button Studio

    One Button Studio is a one-stop shop to practice, record, and critique student classroom presentations. OBS allows students to create quality video projects, practice and review thesis or dissertation defenses, pitch business cases or marketing campaign ideas, create dramatic effects with the green screen, and more.

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    Location: Coe Library, Rm 206
    To reserve, visit the Coe Help Desk
    Call: 307-766-3190

  • Alt Text

    Studio Coe

    Studio Coe is a multimedia lab where students and instructors can get help with digital projects like video editing, podcasting, virtual reality, and the Adobe Creative Suite. Trained staff provide assistance either via help desk for one on one consultations, or with in-depth workshops and trainings. 

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    Location: Coe Library, Rm 237
    Call: 307-766-7002

student working on a computer in the Student Learning Commons

Student Learning Commons

Located on Level 1 of Coe Library, the Student Learning Commons (SLC) is a centralized, one-stop academic support network designed for UW students. The space offers a dynamic and inclusive learning environment, combining physical resources, technology, expert assistance, and collaborative spaces. The space contains the following:

  • STEP Tutor Center: Featuring one-on-one and small group tutoring for more than 50 high-challenge classes, including engineering, math, science, and social science subjects. Available in-person and online.
  • Writing Center: The Writing Center helps students, faculty and staff become more effective and confident writers. They can assist at all stages of the writing process, from brainstorming to revising a final draft. Writing Center consultations are available in-person, online and asynchronously. 
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI): Advanced student leaders use the Learning Commons to hold out-of-class study and skill-building sessions for 30+ high-challenge courses. SI leaders attend class, work with professors and lead weekly sessions. Available in-person and online.
  • Convertible presentation space: Located in the center of the Learning Commons, this flexible space allows for larger presentations and workshops supporting student engagement and academic success.
  • The Boardroom: Designed for small groups of students to meet and innovate, the Boardroom space offers a comfortable, technology-supported hub for student projects, presentations, and group tutoring.
  • Coe Library Room 121: Workshop and targeted meeting space for student success and research sessions, learning communities' programming, hybrid tutoring and writing assistance, and supplemental instruction sessions.
  • Media Screening Room: Located in Coe Library Room 123, the media screaning room is for the viewing of film, television and other multimedia content to facilitate learning at UW.



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