Management & Marketing

Linda Price

Professor and Dick and Maggie Scarlett Chair of Business Administration

Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
MBA, University of Wyoming
B.A., University of Wyoming

Teaching Interests

Marketing Theory
Consumer Behavior
Services Marketing
Customer Experience Management
Multi-method and Qualitative Research
Consumer Culture Theory

Research Interests

Consumer Practices, Rituals, Narratives and Experiences; Consumer and Market Networks and Assemblages; Consumer Identity and Transformation; Service Encounters and Value Creation; Market Network Resilience and Sustainability; Globalization

Areas of Expertise

Consumer Behavior
Services Marketing
Family Decision Making and Behaviors
Ethnography and Qualitative Research Methods

Select Honors & Awards

Lifetime Mentorship and Service Award, American Marketing Association
Fellow, Association for Consumer Research
Fellow, American Marketing Association
Outstanding Marketing Educator, Academy of Marketing Management
Distinguished Alumnus, College of Business, University of Wyoming
Editor, Journal of Consumer Research
Past President, Association for Consumer Research
Past President, Academic Council, American Marketing Association
Past Board of Governors, Academy of Marketing Management

Selected Publications

“In Times of Trouble: A Framework for Understanding Consumers’ Responses to Threats,” Margaret C. Campbell, J. Jeffery Inman, Amna Karmani, Linda L. Price, Journal of Consumer Research, 2020, 47 (3), 311-326.

“Journeying Together: Aligning Retailer Roles with Collective Consumer Practices,” Tandy Chalmers Thomas, Amber M. Epp and Linda L. Price, Journal of Retailing, 2020, 96 (1), 9-24.

"Crossing Bridges: Assembling Culture into Brands and Brands into Consumers' Global Local Cultural Lives." Linda L. Price and Robin A. Coulter, Journal of Consumer Psychology 2019, 29 (3), 547-554.

“Consumer Journeys: Developing Consumer-Based Strategy,” Rebecca Hamilton and Linda L. Price, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 2019, 47 (2), 187-191.

“The Fresh Start Mindset: Transforming Consumers’ Lives” Linda L. Price, Robin A. Coulter, Yuliya Strizhakova and Ainslie Schultz, Journal of Consumer Research, 2018, 45 (1): 21-48.

“The Role of Brands and Mediating Technologies in Assembling Long-Distance Family Practices,” Amber M. Epp, Hope Jensen Schau, and Linda L. Price, Journal of Marketing, 2014, 78 (3), 81-101 (Finalist 2019 Sheth Foundation/Journal of Marketing Award for long-term contributions to field of marketing).

“When Differences Unite: Resource Dependence in Heterogeneous Consumption Communities,” Tandy Chalmers Thomas, Linda L. Price and Hope Jensen Schau, Journal of Consumer Research, 2013, 39 (5), 1010-1033. (Named one of the top-cited papers in Business Journals for 2013).

“Designing Solutions Around Customer Network Identity Goals,” Amber M. Epp and Linda L. Price, Journal of Marketing, 2011, 75 (2), 36-54

“The Storied Life of Singularized Objects: Forces of Agency and Network Transformation” Amber M. Epp and Linda L. Price, Journal of Consumer Research, 2010, 36 (5), 820-837.

“Family Identity:  A Framework of Identity Interplay in Consumption Practices,” Amber M. Epp and Linda L. Price, Journal of Consumer Research, 2008, 35 (1), 50-70. Sidney J. Levy Award.


Linda L. Price (BA, MBA University of Wyoming, Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin) has been on the faculty at several universities, most recently as the Philip Knight Chair, College of Business, University of Oregon. In 2020, she returned home to University of Wyoming as Professor and Dick and Maggie Chair of Business Administration. Linda’s influential research combines qualitative and quantitative methodologies to examine identity, adaptation, practices, and networks with services, brand, and customer experience applications. Her research has been and is currently funded by a variety of agencies including USDA, and Marketing Science Institute. She has published books, chapters and over 50 peer reviewed articles that have collectively garnered over 20,000 citations, with an H-Index of 48 and an i10 index of 81. Several of her papers are now considered seminal and introduced new constructs to the marketing field including: the Market Maven; extraordinary consumer experiences; commercial friendships; imagery processing; assembling family identity; and family inalienable wealth.

Her leadership includes editorial boards, policy boards, foundations, and department head duties. In 2021 Linda completed a 3 year term as Editor of Journal of Consumer Research. She has served as President of the Association for Consumer Research, President of American Marketing Association Academic Council and has co-chaired numerous conferences & doctoral symposia. She’s an Association of Consumer Research Fellow, American Marketing Association Fellow, Academy of Marketing Science Cutco/Vector Distinguished Educator, and CBSIG Lifetime Achievement Awardee. She is the only woman to be named a fellow at both AMA and ACR. Linda has also been honored as a Distinguished Alumnus in the College of Business at University of Wyoming. Linda is most grateful for the opportunity she has had from the very beginning of her career to work with and mentor PhD students, watching them blossom and grow.

Additional, CV information can be found here.

photo of Linda Price
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