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Keepers of the Fire Student Organization

Keepers of the Fire is a registered student organization that is committed to keeping the Native American culture alive and strong. We are dedicated to promoting culture and diversity on and off of campus. The organization is open to all students.

In 1971 the Native American students attending the University of Wyoming founded the Keepers of the Fire. They recognized the need to preserve and promote cultural diversity on the university campus. The name, Keepers of the Fire has a very special meaning. It is meant to imply that the "fire" of Native culture must be protected and kept by those who value its worth. We are dedicated to promoting our heritage and culture through activities such as the Annual Spring Pow-wow. We sponsor activities that provide information about our people to those who are not familiar with Native American culture. 





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Keepers of the Fire (KOF) is a community, a family, and a group full of friendship and acceptance. Join today, and be involved on campus with friends! KOF is involved every year with different events on and off campus, some of these include; Native American Family Day, The Big Event, MMIW rallies, Indigenous People's Day, and more. Other events like dinners, gatherings of visiting students from the Wind River Reservation, speakers, concerts, dances, and involvement every summer in the Native American Summer Institute.