Snowy Range Vision Center

2011 NP Program Community Partner

Snowy Range Vision Center brick sign in front of their building

Snowy Range Vision Center in Laramie, Wyoming

Pink-clad woman guides student with eye observation equipmentSnowy Range Vision

For over 20 years, the optometrists of Snowy Range Vision Center have partnered with UW’s nurse practitioner (NP) program to develop student knowledge and skills about visual health. From helping students understand the relationship between vision and overall health to the diagnosis and management of common eye problems, Dr. Sue Lowe and her colleagues have consistently gone above and beyond, from lecturing in campus courses to holding hands-on visual assessments at Snowy Range Vision Center. Dr. Lowe and her colleagues work closely with each student to ensure that they are all able to perform basic screening exams, as well as ophthalmoscopy or examination of the back of the eye. They also provide one-on-one guidance to students who would like more experience with particular assessment techniques. The NP program faculty are proud to honor Snowy Range Vision Center with our first Community Partner Award.

Pictured left:

Dr. Sue Lowe guides FNP student Laura Evans as she observes a patient's eye health through the Snowy Range Vision instrumentation.

Pictured below:

(Assoc. Dean Susan Steiner (l) and Nurse Practitioner Program Coord. Ann Marie Hart (r) presented the 2011 Community Partner Award to Dr. Sue Lowe for Snowy Range Vision at a fall "Willow Ceremony".

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