Platte County Memorial Hospital

2016 BRAND Program Community Partner

Eight employees holding up signs spelling THANK YOU

Platte County Memorial Hospital employees thank the UW School of Nursing
for naming their hospital Community Partner of the Year.

Pictured: (Back row l-r): Aubrey Bremer, Director of Nursing; Jennifer Querry, OR Manager; Audrey Cotterman, Infection Preventionist; Betty Holkan, Employee/Occupational Health; Ann Harris, ED Manager. (Front row l-r): Darla Patterson, Education Coordinator; Kimm Malody, HUC; Jamie Kuper, Med/Surg Manager.


The University of Wyoming Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing named Platte County Memorial Hospital of Wheatland, Wyoming Community Partner of the Year 2016 for their work with "BRAND"-- the school's accelerated nursing program. The award was presented to the hospital's representative, Director of Nursing Aubrey Bremer, by the BRAND program's director, Candace Tull, and by the school's dean, Mary Burman. The presentation was held at the school's fall "Nightingale Ceremony" on August 31, 2016 in the Arts & Sciences Auditorium on the UW campus. 

The Nightingale Ceremony welcomes BRAND and Basic BSN Program junior students into the profession of nursing. By presenting the Community Partner awards at the ceremony, new students get a glimpse of the significant role community agencies play in their upcoming clinical education.

About Platte County Memorial Hospital

Pictured above are Platte County Memorial Hospital nurses thanking the school for the Community Partner Award. But the thanks comes from the University of Wyoming Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing to Platte County Memorial Hospital's staff and management. According to the UW BRAND Program's director, Candace Tull, they "went above and beyond to support the accelerated BRAND nursing students' clinical education this year, being extremely supportive in encouraging and facilitating an additional clinical group of students." Tull continues, "The clinical experience at Platte County has been consistently valuable for students in the medical/surgical practicum course. Platte County staff and management have also facilitated capstone course placements as well, and the experiences and support students have received is superlative."

As an example of the Platte County's commitment to the students' education, Tull mentions that Platte County has developed a Clinical Practice/Shared Leadership Committee, which includes a member of the Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing faculty. The purpose of this committee is to ensure coordination of students and quality of clinical experience. Tull says that students consistently report the support and encouragement of the staff of the hospital in the clinical learning experiences.


The BRAND program ("Bachelor's Reach for Accelerated Nursing Degree") is for students with a previous non-nursing baccalaureate degree who now want to become a registered nurse.  The program is offered in conjunction with the UW Outreach School, and is not only an accelerated program, but also a distance program.  The program delivery allows Wyoming's rural and isolated hospitals and agencies to "grow their own" BSN-prepared nurses without relocating the student (or the families of the student) to Laramie.

BRAND's 15-month 'summer to summer' program includes on-line learning, hybrid courses, and hands-on clinical experiences. The intensive curriculum focuses on didactic and clinical nursing education. BRAND requires a motivated, independent and self-disciplined learner.


Posted 9/7/2016

2016 BRAND Program Community Partner Award

Platte County Memorial Hospital
BRAND Program Coordinator Candace Tull (left) and Nursing Dean Mary Burman (right) present the 2016 BRAND Program Community Partner Award to Platte County Memorial Hospital Director of Nursing Aubrey Bremer (center). The award was presented at the annual Nightingale Ceremony on August 31.
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