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Curriculum Vitae



Ph.D. University of Notre Dame (2014) 




Courses Taught at UW:

Fall 2023: Critical Thinking, Intro to Metaphysics

Spring 2023: Critical Thinking

Fall 2022: Philosophy as a Way of Life, Philosophy of Language

Spring 2022: Philosophy of Religion, Introduction to Philosophy

Fall 2021: Introduction to Metaphysics, Philosophy and Science Fiction

Spring 2021: Seminar: Money, Philosophy of Religion

Fall 2020 - First Year Seminar: Philosophy as a Way of Life, Philosophy and Science Fiction

Spring 2020 - Seminar: Divine Hiddenness, Introduction to Philosophy

Fall 2019 - Critical Thinking, Philosophy of Language

Spring 2019 - Philosophy of Religion, Seminar: Metametaphysics

Fall 2018 - Metaphysics, Introduction to Philosophy




Selected Articles

10. The Philosophy, Politics, and Economics of Cryptocurrency: Money Without State

            2021, Philosophy Compass 

9. The Philosophy, Politics, and Economics of Cryptocurrency: The Moral Landscape of Monetary Design

           2021, Philosophy Compass

8. Ways of Thinking about Ways of Being

           2021, Analysis

7. Epistemic Duty and Implicit Bias

           2020, Epistemic Duties: New Arguments, New Angles. Routledge

6. Quantification in the Ontology Room

           2019, dialectica

5. Mereological Nihilism and Puzzles about Material Objects

           2018, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 

4. Analysis of Faith

           2018, Philosophy Compass

3. Grounds and 'Grounds'

          2017, Canadian Journal of Philosophy

2. Object

          2017, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

1. The General Truthmaker View of Ontological Commitment

         2016, Philosophical Studies


Selected Public Philosophy

4. Bitcoin is For Anyone -- Left or Right (Archived here

              USA Today

3. Governments Should Invest in the Bitcoin Network


2. The Rich Get Richer, the Poor Get Bitcoin (PDF here)

              Institute for Art and Ideas

1. Why Bitcoin Needs Philosophy


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