Edward D. Sherline

Associate Professor

UW Recognition:

College of Arts and Sciences "Thumbs-Up Award": 2010

College of Arts and Sciences 2012 Top Ten Teacher. 

College of Arts and Sciences Extraordinary Merit in Advising Award for 1996 and 2000

P.I.E. (Promoting Intellectual Engagement Award): 2019

Wyoming Institute of Humanities Research Fellowship: 2020



B.A. Princeton University 1982; M.A. University of Chicago 1983; Ph.D. University of Illinois-Chicago 1990;

Head of the Department of Philosophy 2002;

Associate Professor of Philosophy 1996, 1989.

Courses most recently taught:

  • PHIL 1000, Introduction to Philosophy

  • PHIL 2300, Bioethics

  • PHIL 3933, African Philosophy

  • PHIL 3250, Global Justice

  • PHIL 3300, Ethical Theory

  • PHIL 3350, History of Moral Philosophy

  • PHIL 4300, Topics in Ethics

Seminars taught:

  • Stephen Darwall, The Second Person Standpoint

  • The moral philosophy of Thomas Scanlon

  • Contemporary metaethics

  • Derek Parfit, Climbing the Mountain

  • Value, the good, well-being

  • Practical reason

  • Liberalism, Neutrality and Perfectionism

  • Meta-normative theories

  • Normativity

  • Moral objectivity, motivation and normativity; recent work by Michael Smith and Christine Korsgaard

  • Between Belief and Non-Belief

  • The Philosophy of Richard Rorty

  • The Moral, Social and Political Philosophy of Elizabeth Anderson

  • The Moral and Political Philosophy of Bernard Williams

  • Kant's Critical Philosophy After the 1st Critique

Dr. Edward Sherline

Specialization: Meta-ethics, Normative Ethics, Social Philosophy, Political Philosophy
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