Information Curriculog

Instructions for Approval in Curriculog:

As an Approver for your department, you will receive an email from Curriculog prompting you to look over the information entered by your department’s Originator. Please check over the information on the left-hand side and any attachments under the files tab on the right-hand side menu.

Once you are sure the information is correct, click on the decisions icon on the right-hand side menu with the icon that looks like a checkmark.



Approving a Proposal

Select Approve and enter any comments you want to add to the proposal at this point. You will most likely not have any comments for an Approval. Then click Make My Decision.


Rejecting or Editing a Proposal

If you want, you can REJECT the proposal, and enter any comments. This is the only way for you to make edits if you want the Originator to be able to edit the proposal. A proposal can only be edited by the person whose step the proposal is on. If you reject the proposal, please enter what changes are needed in the comments box. If the proposal is rejected at any step, it will always go back to the Originator, and then back through the workflow.

If a proposal gets rejected at the College Committee or University Course Committee Step the proposal will return with comments about what changes need to be made and a deadline for when these edits are due. As department head, it will be necessary for you to approve the proposal a second time if corrections are necessary.

Voting in Curriculog on Committees


Depending on the way your College Curriculum Committee has chosen to set up voting in Curriuclog, you might be asked to vote on proposals in Curriculog. You would log in and vote on the individual proposals for your college when it gets to your step. You will receive an email, but you can also search for the proposals you need in Curriculog.

Seeing Proposals in Curriculog

Anyone can see the proposals that have been submitted and launched in Curriculog by going to the UWYO Curriculog site and clicking on the proposals tab.

Searching and Filtering in Curriculog




Click on Advanced Filter. 


Filter by Current Step Name and choose your specific committee to see proposals on your step in the workflow.


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