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Tuition and Fees

The University of Wyoming semester tuition and fee schedules for the 2018-19 academic year, which begins with fall semester 2018, are available from Accounts Receivable, Room 172, Knight Hall, around April 1, 2018.

Summer school tuition and fees will be published in the Summer Bulletin.

Full-time undergraduate refers to undergraduate students enrolled for 12 or more hours, and part-time undergraduate refers to undergraduate students enrolled for less than 12 hours. At the graduate level, 9 or more hours is considered full time and less than 9 hours is classified as part time. Fees do not include special fees.

Student Benefit Package and Insurance

At the beginning of each semester, the part-time student benefit package will be added to student accounts of all part-time students (6 through 11.5 credit hours for undergraduates and 4.5 through 8.5 credit hours for graduate students) who have elected to purchase UW health  insurance. The benefit package allows part-time students the same benefits as full-time students including, but not limited to, the use of Student Health Service, Half Acre Gym and the opportunity to apply for short-term emergency student loans.

Graduate students taking less than 4.5 credit hours should contact their academic department and also refer to the “Graduate Student Optional Fee Package Petition” document, which may be found on the Office of the Registrar website. Graduate students not receiving a fee waiver need to fill out a form in Accounts Receivable, 172 Knight Hall, and then pay for the package at the Cashier’s Office, 170 Knight Hall, or online.

Each domestic enrolling student will be required, as part of the registration process, to make a Student Medical Insurance selection. If the eligible student selects “YES” to the question, the premium will be assessed on the student’s account. If the student selects “NO,” they will not be assessed for the premium. Part-time students who select yes for the health insurance will also be assessed for the Part-time Student Benefit Package. Student medical insurance is mandatory for international students. International students may potentially waive this requirement if they meet university regulations and provide the necessary documentation by the add/drop deadline.

For questions regarding the Student Medical Insurance program, contact the Student Medical Insurance Advocate (248 Knight Hall) at (307) 766-3025 between 8 a.m. and noon weekdays.

Tuition and Fee Payment 2018-19

All university charges are due by the third Friday of each Fall and Spring Term.

An institutional Payment Plan is available for students who need extra time paying.

A non-refundable $15.00 payment plan enrollment fee is charged per semester to all students that are not paid in full by the third Friday of each semester. The payment plan requires students to make three payments due on the third Friday of the semester, the sixth Friday of the semester, and the ninth Friday of the semester. Please see the semester class schedule for the exact due dates. Interest of 1.5% per month may be charged on all past due amounts.

Special Course Registration Fees

Additional charges (special course, college, and program fees) must be paid by students enrolling in those courses and colleges with approved special fees. Fees for these courses and colleges will be indicated in the semester Class Schedule.

Tuition Waivers

If an employee, spouse of an employee or cooperating agency waiver is used for payment of tuition and/or fees, the properly completed and signed waiver must be received by the Accounts Receivable office by the first day of the term. All waivers will be applied to accounts after the drop deadline.

Financial Holds

A student failing to pay fees, charges, fines, penalties, deposits or short term loans as prescribed by the Trustees of the University of Wyoming shall be denied registration at the university and copies of academic transcripts and/or diplomas until such fees, charges, fines, penalties, deposits or short term loans are paid in full. A ten-day wait is required before a student loan hold can be removed if the debt is paid with a personal check. Contact Accounts Receivable or the Student Financial Operations Office in Knight Hall for information regarding financial holds.

Summer Session 2018

Please refer to the 2018 Summer Bulletin for rates and applicable deadlines.


Tuition and course fees will be canceled or refunded to a student who officially drops a class or classes, withdraws from the university through the Dean of Students office, or changes enrollment status (i.e. non-resident to resident; full-time to part-time) in accordance with the institutional refund policy outlined below.

No tuition penalty will be assessed for dropping and adding during the drop period identified in the term's class schedule unless all classes are dropped or an all-school withdrawal is processed. Students who withdraw from individual courses after the end of the drop/add period will have their charges canceled in accordance with the institutional refund policy outlined below.

Mandatory fees, late registration fees, or service fees are not refundable.

The portion of tuition refund/cancellation is computed from the first day of the term, not class meeting pattern. If a student's initial registration includes blocked classes or short courses that begin at a later date, the refund/cancellation will still be computed from the first day of the term. If a student's initial registration occurs during an approved late registration period, the date for computing a refund/cancellation will be the first day of the term.

Institutional Refund Schedule
Before first day of semester 100%
Semester Class Day 1-8 100%
Semester Class Day 9-15 80%
Semester Class Day 16-20 70%
Semester Class Day 21-25 60%
Semester Class Day 26-30 50%
Semester Class Day 31-35 40%
Semester Class Day 36 forward 0%

**Examples of these calculations are available in Accounts Receivable

Financial Aid Federal Return of Funds Policy

A student who receives federal financial aid (other than Federal Work Study pay checks) and chooses to complete less than 60% of an academic term is considered not to have earned all the federal aid he or she has been awarded.

  • If aid already disbursed is equal to earned aid, no further action is required.
  • If aid already disbursed is less than earned aid, additional aid may be offered to the student after he or she withdraws.
  • If aid already disbursed is greater than earned aid, UW and/or the student must return some federal funds.

To determine whether federal funds have been earned or must be returned, UW follows this procedure:

  1. Determine the percentage of the term the student completed. This is calculated by dividing the number of calendar days (including weekends) in a term into the number of calendar days that the student was in attendance for that term.
  2. Apply the percentage of time attended to the total amount of federal aid the student was eligible to receive for the term. This is the student's "earned aid."
  3. Subtract the amount of earned aid from the amount of aid actually disbursed to the student. A positive remainder is the student's "unearned aid." A negative remainder is the student's "earned aid" that may still be offered to the student.
  4. Determine the amount of unearned aid remaining that must be repaid by the student. Subtract the amount of unearned aid repaid by the institution from the total amount of unearned aid.

All unearned aid will be returned to the federal student loan lender or federal aid accounts in the following order: (1) Unsubsidized Stafford Loan; (2) Subsidized Student Loan; (3) Federal Perkins Loan; (4) Federal PLUS (Parent) Loan; (5) Federal Pell Grant; (6) AGC-Smart; (7) Federal SEOG Grant. Any amount owed by the student on a grant will be reduced by 50%.

The date of a student's withdrawal from UW will be the date of the student's notification to the Dean of Students Office of an intent to withdraw if the student has no federal aid. For students who have received federal aid, the withdrawal date will be the last date of an academically related activity as reported by their instructors. When a student fails to officially withdraw from UW and has all F's at the end of the semester, the withdrawal date will be the latest date of an academically related activity as reported by their instructors.

UW will repay the lesser of (1) the total amount of unearned aid or (2) an amount equal to the student's institutional charges multiplied by the percentage of unearned aid. "Institutional charges" is defined as charges for tuition and fees, plus room and board charges for students living in UW residence halls and apartments. It does not include such charges as bookstore charges, student health insurance premiums, parking citations, or library fines.

The amount of unearned aid owed by the student on a loan may be repaid under the normal repayment terms of the loan. The amount of unearned aid owed by the student on a grant must be repaid immediately.

Any amount of earned aid not yet disbursed to the student will be offered to the student. Such offers will cover any undisbursed grants first, followed by the undisbursed loans.

Examples of how the amount of unearned federal aid a student must return is calculated are available from a professional adviser in the office of Student Financial Aid. A chart detailing the percentage of earned and unearned aid, by calendar day of the semester, is provided in the term's class schedule. In brief, to determine the percentage of earned federal aid, the calculation will use the total number of calendar days in the term divided by the total number of calendar days the student attended.

Interaction of Federal Return of Funds Policy and Institutional Refund Policy

When a student who receives federal financial aid withdraws from the university, he or she may owe a repayment of federal funds and/or be due a refund from UW or owe an additional amount to UW. The Federal Return of Funds policy will be applied before any refund due under the UW policy is disbursed. For details on the application of these policies to a specific situation, please consult with the Accounts Receivable Office, 172 Knight Hall, (307) 766-6232.

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