Biological and Life Sciences Technologies

Wyoming Technology Transfer and Research Products Center

  • 19-040 Supraphysiological Fibrin Content Microparticles

  • 19-030 Localized Immunosuppression of Allografts for Peripheral Nerve Repair

  • 19-004 Non-Intrusive Laser-Based Technique for Monitor and Control of Protein Denaturation on Surfaces

  • 18-089 Novel Target Site-Specific Pain Therapy Using BMN

  • 18-057 Microbial Stem Cell Technology

  • 18-009 Fabrication of Microparticles with Customizable Size, Shape and Interfacial and Mechanical Properties

  • 18-002 Near-Infrared Window Light-Mediated Control of Implanted Cells for Immunosuppression and Regenerative Medicine

  • 17-090 Methods and Devices for Detection of Biological Materials Using Electric Field Assisted Rapid Analyte Capture

  • 16-113 Targeting Cathepsin K to Facilitate Wound Healing

  • 16-069 Methods and Apparatus for Peripheral Nerve Repair

  • 15-093 Methods of Generating Microparticles and Porous Hydrogels Using Microfluidics

  • 15-027 Hydrolytic Enzyme for Foodborne Pathogen Degradation 

  • 14-055 Therapeutic Strategy Using Capsaicin for Obesity Management 

  • 14-048 Enhanced Fermentation through Destruction of Mitochondrial DNA 

  • 12-001 Method for Reducing Protein Misfolding in Cells

  • 11-144 Engineered Near-Infrared Light Activated Proteins 

  • 10-057 Brucella Abortus Proteins and Methods of Use Thereof

  • 10-054 Combined SERS (Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy)-Paramagnetic Capture Assay for DNA Diagnostics

  • 08-118 Spider Silk Web Glue Proteins

  • 08-090 Methods for Natural Antibiotic Product Optimization

  • 06-105 Charge Reversible Polymers

  • 04-053 Nanoparticles for Cytoplasmic Drug Delivery to Cancer Cells

  • 02-019 Methods and Compositions for Controlled Release of Drug

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