Stable Isotope Facility

Extraction Line Use and Scheduling Policy


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In the event that a researcher/user requires more time than assigned, that researcher will need to contact Chandelle for approval of possible adjustments to the schedule. Any time needed by the SIF for the extraction line will have priority.  The extraction line is often in high demand.  The Stable Isotope Facility expects that the user will use the extraction line for the time allotted them.  If the user is unable to use the extraction line in the time scheduled, the SIF should be contacted 24hrs in advance.  If a user does not contact the SIF 24hrs in advance to cancel the time, they may not be allowed to use the extraction line in the future.

Extraction Line Use

All users must log the amount of samples extracted in the SIF log book and be properly trained by SIF personnel before they can use the extraction line.  Equipment should be checked by the user before use, to ensure the system is in proper condition and is in working order.  If there are pieces missing/broken, or equipment is not working please notify SIF personnel.  The balance will be checked after each use to ensure it has not been compromised by the user.  If there is any damage caused by the user, the user will be charged for any repair or replacement needed.


All users of the extraction line must follow all safety precautions while using this equipment.  Users must always wear safety glasses, closed toed shoes, and long pants while working on the extraction line.  Graduate students and faculty can use the line after hours and on weekends only if there is another person present.  Undergraduates are not allowed to work on the extraction line after hours or on the weekends.

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