Stable Isotope Facility

University of Wyoming

Flush/Evacuate Vial Policy

Vials that need to be evacuated and flushed should be dropped off 1 week in advance from the time they are needed.  The SIF will flush/evacuate vials as the line permits.  SIF use of the line has priority and all other vials will be evacuated/flushed in the order they are received.  In order to serve users equally from across campus there is a limit of 100 vials per week per PI.  If a user needs more than this within one week they will have to find other means. 

It is also important to know that their is potential that a vial is not flushed properly without the SIF knowing of the issue.  Therefore it is always best to sample in duplicate if possible. The user should also be aware that there is a lifetime for samples within the vial.  It is suggested that a standard be run along with the samples in order to understand the lifetime of sample in vial.

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