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School of Computing: UW Derecho Professors


See the current UW Derecho Professors (announced on May 12, 2023)

For more information about the NCAR Wyoming Supercomputing Center and the Derecho supercomputer, please visit the NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center page at

The UW Derecho Professor designation provides named professors in any academic field with up to 5 million core hours of access to both traditional compute nodes and accelerators on the Derecho supercomputer at the NCAR Wyoming Supercomputing Center (NWSC). Leveraging and enhancing the UW-NCAR partnership, the initiative contributes to recruiting and retaining UW faculty whose research program in computing will be strengthened through a flexible and guaranteed allocation on this resource.

The Derecho supercomputer is a nearly 20-petaflops system that delivers about 3.5 times the scientific throughput of the previous Cheyenne system. The new system gets 20% of its sustained computing capability from graphics processing units (GPUs), with the remainder coming from traditional central processing units (CPUs). 

UW Derecho Professors will have adjunct faculty positions in the School of Computing. Both internal, current UW Faculty, and external faculty who are being recruited to UW have an ongoing call with no deadline to be nominated by their unit heads. Submit the Nomination Form for UW Derecho Professorship to Faculty at all ranks and all academic fields are eligible for nomination

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