Plan B Non-Thesis:

  1. This program type carries a minimum of 32 hours of course work…at least 14 of these hours must be in the student’s major field. The Plan B non-thesis program differs from the thesis program type in that it may include additional hours of coursework instead of thesis hours.  It permits a wider distribution of courses and permits a wider array of possible final products than the Plan A thesis program type…the Plan B project may resemble a thesis, but the topic is not research or original. The non-thesis project may take the form of a business plan or a professional portfolio. 
  2. Most…units…have the student prepare a paper, or sometimes two papers, as their final project.  In the selection of a subject the student shall be guided by the advisor… The paper(s) should present the results of study and at a level of scholastic quality commensurate with the Plan A thesis project.  The Plan B non-thesis is different from the Plan A thesis in that it is not an in-depth research project.

(Graduate Bulletin, 2—2-4, p. 12, “Regulations, Policies, Procedures)

Students who select the Plan B non-thesis option should work with advisors and committee members to select from among the following formats that best reflects their accomplishments in the Master’s Degree program:

  1. An article ready for submission to a publication that focuses on teacher practices.
  2. Parts or all of the National Board Certification portfolio.
  3. A portfolio of scholarship, research, and changes to practice that have occurred during the Master’s degree program.
  4. An action research project conducted in the classroom, perhaps emerging from coursework done for other classes in the program.
  5. Written comprehensive questions designed by the committee to reflect the students program, followed by an oral discussion of the questions.
  6. A technology-based presentation (e.g. to a school board, for a conference) of one’s work or an area of interest in the classroom.
  7. A grant application in one’s area of interest, with supporting documents.
  8. A pilot or prospectus for a larger research project to be conducted in the future.
  9. Other with approval of Master’s committee.

Sample Plan B Template

IRB Guidelines for Proposal Approval or Exemption

APA Writing Resources from OWL-Purdue

Wyoming Scholars Repository (WySR)
It is strongly encouraged, but not required, that the student upload their completed Plan B project to WySR.

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