Safety Tips for an Emergency Evacuation

DSS wants to ensure that everyone at the University of Wyoming feels safe. Even though you may not be a student at UW yet, it is important for you to plan ahead for your safety while visiting UW, or while moving into and living in the residence halls. Below are some suggestions for an evacuation plan if you have mobility issues to take into consideration while you are on campus.

  • Locate an exit. Regardless of whether or not you anticipate needing assistance in leaving the building, you should always be aware of the two nearest exits from the building in relation to where you are in the building.

  • Do not try to use the elevators in an emergency.

  • Once you have identified the nearest exit, it is important that, in an emergency, you go to that exit and stay in the stairwell. Most stairwell locations on campus have fire safe doors, so it is important that you stay in the stairwell until the proper authorities are able to assist you in leaving the building.

  • Once you have located your exit, find someone who would be willing to stay with you until help comes, or who will go outside and notify the fire department where you are located. Ideally you will have both: someone who is willing to stay with you and a person who is willing to inform the fire department of your location.

  • Please have the person who has agreed to be your informant give directions as to where you are located. For example, "He/She/They is located in the northwest stairwell on the third floor," or "He/She/They is located in the stairwell closest to ________(Prexy's Pasture, the Agriculture Building, 9th Street, etc.).

  • Another option (if you or another building occupant has a cell phone) is to call the UW police department. In emergencies, dial 911. Otherwise call 766-5179. Tell them which building and stairwell you are in, and whether someone is with you or if you are alone. For example, "I am located in the Engineering Building on the second floor in the southeast stairwell. I do/do not have someone with me. Please inform the responding officers and the Laramie fire department where I am." If it would make you more comfortable, ask the dispatcher to stay on the line with you until help arrives. 

  • Once help arrives, you may hang up with dispatch. Once the fire department or the UW police department arrives, it is very important to communicate with them to how they can safely aid you in leaving the building. Be familiar with the number of people needed to provide assistance, and make sure your informant knows this too. You and your informant should both be able to explain exactly how to assist you down the stairs. Otherwise, when emergency personnel arrive, they may remove you from the building using an expedient method which may be less than ideal for you.

Residence Halls
If you will be living in the residence halls, consider following the suggestions offered above. In addition, talk with your RA to devise a plan for evacuation in the event of an emergency.


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