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Students earning a B.S. in biology will gain a solid foundation in the biological sciences that prepares them for a variety of graduate-level programs or careers in the health and environmental fields. Interests can be explored in our flexible program. 

A biology major studies the role of living organisms, their function and their characteristics. In this major, students use an integrative approach, blending time in the classroom with time in a research laboratory. Hands-on learning is some of the most rewarding and engaging coursework. 

What is Biology?

The bachelor of science degree in biology is designed to provide a thorough foundation in biology and other supporting areas of science and mathematics, while providing maximum flexibility and student choice. The degree program is administered by the Department of Botany. Upon completion of the core requirements for the major, specific courses to complete the major will vary according to a student's interests and career plans and may be selected from a variety of departments on campus in consultation with a student's faculty advisor.

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Interested in ecology and evolution? The ecology and evolution concentration in our biology undergraduate program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles of ecology and evolution. The program focuses on the mechanisms driving ecological and evolutionary processes, as well as the application of these principles to real-world problems, such as the conservation of biodiversity and the management of natural resources. Through coursework and hands-on experience, students will gain knowledge in topics such as population genetics, community ecology and ecosystem management. Graduates of this program will be well-equipped to pursue careers in research, education or management in fields related to ecology and evolution.

View the complete ecology and evolution concentration curriculum

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What can you do with a Biology bachelor's degree?

While challenging, biology degrees lead to diverse career paths and graduate school options. The medical field employs the most biology majors but there are many career opportunities in the field. At UW, you can foster your interests in biology with maximum flexibility to suit your career goals and aspirations.

Biology Careers

  • Physicians 
  • Registered Nurses 
  • Dentists 
  • Teachers 
  • Pharmacists
  • Medical Scientists 
  • Veterinarians 
  • Optometrists 
  • Physical Therapists 


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Here are a few places Biology Alumni are working and making a difference:

  • Wyoming Department of Health 
  • Idaho National Laboratory 
  • Puresome
  • Casper College
  • Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium 
  • Pelican Refining Company 
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Biology Program Highlights

 Students who major in Biology at UW gain a quality education with access to phenomenal benefits. Check out some of the biology program highlights.

Opportunities Outside the Classroom 

We offer a wide variety of internships with both land management agencies and the private sector. Our classes use hands-on, active learning approaches through research experiences in controlled and field environments and using real-world data analyses from those experiences that are in demand from employers.

Learning Facilities

Our students can access the greenhouse and growth chambers, field experiments, and many longer-term studies with federal agency partners. UW students also have the option to explore high-performance computing tools to confront scientific models with data. The new Science Initiative Building rooftop greenhouse will provide many more hands-on research experiences that future employers will find extremely valuable.  

Outstanding Faculty

The Department of Botany is proud to have some of the most cited faculty at UW according to Google Scholar. Professor Brent Ewers is cited in plant physiology and is currently researching several impacts on nutrients in forests. Professor Daniel Laughlin is cited in plant functional ecology and is researching how plant species respond to global change. 

Student Organizations

Biology students at UW have opportunity to join a wide array of student organizations and clubs. Participation in various activities and clubs offered at UW help students build greater networks and deeper friendships, find greater enjoyment and connection at UW, perform better in the classroom, and build skills that make them more marketable in the workforce.


UW Biology Alumni have gone on to graduate schools across the country from the University of Alaska Fairbanks to the University of Iowa and everywhere in between.

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