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Earn Your Ph.D. in Hydrologic Science at UW

The University of Wyoming hydrologic science program is an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program that fulfills an important need by organizing a rigorous Ph.D.-level curriculum, with sufficient numbers of relevant, frequently-offered courses to serve the needs of Ph.D. students affiliated with program faculty.

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What is Hydrologic Science?

The hydrologic science program at UW provides cutting-edge graduate-level education in technical, philosophical, socioeconomic and methodological aspects of hydrology related to both above- and below-ground systems and the interaction between humans and hydrologic systems.

With faculty spread across campus in a variety of specialties, we are able to offer a broad range of graduate coursework and engage our graduate students in a diverse selection of research projects. Our program comes with the flexibility to tailor each student’s pathway to their particular needs and interests.

Researchers in river
Researchers in river

The core experiential learning component of the hydrologic science programs is the graduate research project. Research typically starts in the students' first year and the project evolves as each student develops more ownership over the science. In some cases, students in this program may also choose to become involved in industry internships.

The WRESE Program only admits students seeking a doctoral degree.

Minimum criteria for admission to the program are:

  • Minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.000
  • Agreement by a faculty member affiliated with the WRESE program to sponsor the student
  • Admission to a home department at the University of Wyoming

Typically, students admitted into the program will have previously obtained a master's-level degree. Under exceptional circumstances, students may be admitted directly after an undergraduate degree if they show exceptional promise and commitment. Students already admitted to doctoral programs in individual departments at the University of Wyoming may apply to transfer to the program.

How to Apply
Learn more about admission requirements.

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What Can You Do With a Hydrologic science Doctoral Degree?

Our program prepares you to become a professional hydrologist or research professor of hydrologic science. Our purpose is to help solve basic and applied hydrology problems—particularly in our state and region—through the development of workforce-ready hydrologists, fostering fundamental research outcomes needed to drive decision-making and serving as a resource for public and private interests.

Hydrologic Science Careers

  • Hydrologist
  • Education 
  • Research
  • Environmental Engineering 
  • Field Manager 
  • Sanitarian 
  • Water Quality Analyst 
  • Water Resource Engineer 
  • Water Resource Specialist 
  • Watershed Management


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Earn your Ph.D. in Hydrologic Science and prepare for an enriching career in professional or academic settings. 

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Hydrologic science Doctoral Degree Program Highlights

We believe our hydrologic science program is at the cutting edge of its kind in the U.S. In addition to outstanding faculty and research opportunities, here are a few highlights that students love.

Student Networking

Our graduate students often get involved with GUSH, “Graduate and Undergraduate Students in Hydrology.” This student-led organization promotes discussion of hydrology topics, invites speakers and provides a nexus for student engagement and networking.

Graduate Assistantships

We understand the importance of paying for graduate education. The Ph.D. in hydrologic science program offers competitive graduate research assistantships to lighten your financial load.

Lab Facilities

Students in the hydrologic science program use a wide range of lab facilities on campus, such as the Stable Isotope Facility (SIF), the UW Near Surface Geophysics instrumentation center (UWNSG), the NCAR Wyoming Supercomputer, the UWyo King Air Research Aircraft and many other specialized hydrology monitoring tools and instruments.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Our program is the nexus for hydrology scholarship at UW, ranging from the chemical, physical and biological elements of aqueous systems, to dynamic hydrologic processes, to weather and climate, to human-designed and influenced systems and beyond. This interdisciplinary degree program encourages cross-department and inter-college coordination for research and education in hydrology and water resources.


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