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Budget Calculator


Money Matters

Welcome to the University of Wyoming Education Abroad Budget Calculator! This is a free tool designed to help education abroad advisers, students, and their families financially plan for their upcoming education abroad program and estimate their budget. Simply fill in the fields below, click the calculate button, and then click the "Get Your Budget!" button and you'll have your own itemized budget. You can use the "Copy Budget to Clipboard" button to automatically copy your itemized budget to your computer's clipboard, where it can be pasted in a word document or email using the command 'ctrl+v'.


Program Expenses: Program Fee: $

Application Fee: $

Tuition: $

Books and Other Course Materials: $

Additional Program Expenses: $

Additional Expenses: Health Insurance: $

Passport and Visa: $

Immunizations: $

Health Screenings: $

Airfare: $

Room: $

Board: $

Travel Expenses: Transportation to/from Airport: $

Local Transportation: $

Meals (not included in board): $

Cell Phone/Internet: $

Toiletries: $

Medications: $

Laundry: $

Other Travel Expenses: $

Personal Expenses: Social Activities and Entertainment: $

Personal Travel and Excursions: $

Gifts/Souvenirs: $

Other Personal Expenses: $

Continued Expenses at Home: Housing/Rent: $

Insurance (Car, Health, Renter's): $

Loan Payments: $

Credit Card Payments: $

Other Recurring Expenses: $

Scholarships and Financial Aid: Scholarships and Financial Aid (Grants, Scholarships, Fellowships, Loans): $

Personal Wages and Savings: $

Family Assistance: $

Other Available Funding: $

Budget Totals: Program Expenses Sub-Total: $

Additional Expenses Sub-Total: $

Travel Expenses Sub-Total: $

Personal Expenses Sub-Total: $

Continued Expenses at Home Sub-Total: $

Estimated Total Cost: $

Estimated Available Funds/Financial Aid: $

Estimated Remaining Funds Needed: $