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Finances & Funding FAQs


Money Matters

Education abroad will likely be one of the most exciting challenges of your life, and careful planning can help you have a successful and rewarding time abroad. The information on this page answers many of the financial questions related to study abroad, including managing expenses and applying for financial aid and scholarships. Students and parents are encouraged to begin reviewing this information as early as possible in the education abroad process.


Program costs vary widely; studying abroad can be more, less or equivalent to the cost of studying at the University of Wyoming.

All students participating in education abroad programs through the University of Wyoming will be charged a $325 study abroad fee. This fee includes the UW International Insurance. 

Each study abroad program page includes an estimate of total costs, and you can usually find the most current cost information on your program sponsor's website.

If you file a FAFSA, all federal funding can be applied to the costs of participating in an UW approved program or exchange university dependent upon the semester. Most scholarships, grants, and private funding resources are accepted for either study abroad or exchanges. Always meet with UW’s Financial Aid Office to verify your aid package and whether any restrictions apply. Feel free to contact Laurie Jaskolski, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, at lreh@uwyo.edu to set up an appointment or with questions.

Financial Aid/Scholarships are released after the UW deadline to drop classes.  A lot of program provider payment deadlines will fall before the release date of financial aid at UW.  We recommend you speak with your program provider first to see if they offer delayed payments, payment plan options, or options to support students. 

If you have concerns about meeting payment deadlines because aid disbursement does not coincide, reach out to your Education Abroad Advisor and they will help you understand your aid, deadlines, and resources available. 

Once financial aid is released, it will be posted to your student account. If you do not already have existing charges on your account, this money will be refunded to you so you can pay any necessary program fees. Having your refund direct-deposited into a bank account is the fastest and easiest way to access your money! You can set this up online through WyoWeb

Financial Aid and scholarships will not be released unless you are enrolled in UWYO 4000 or UWYO 4001 (please refer back to the “academics” section for information on how to enroll in this course). 

YES! The majority of UW students are eligible to receive funding to support a study abroad experience through the Richard B. and Lynne V. Cheney Study Abroad Scholarship Fund . Over 2,000 students have benefited from the Cheney Funds since 2007! To apply for Cheney Funding, apply through WyoScholarships. Search “Study Abroad” find the Cheney scholarships and other departmental study abroad scholarships. Please note, scholarships will not appear unless there is an active application cycle open. Plan to apply for scholarships the semester before you go. 

For a full list of education abroad scholarships, please view our Scholarships Booklet. 

Students are also encouraged to pursue outside scholarships for study abroad through your program sponsor and/or from outside providers or organizations. Many of these opportunities have very early deadlines, so be sure to apply as soon as possible!

For most study abroad scholarships, you DO NOT need to wait until you are accepted to your program to apply for funding. You may be able to apply with tentative plans and update your application if your plans change. Check each scholarship's requirements for details.

No, you must meet the eligibility criteria and be selected by the Scholarship Committee.

If your program requires a confirmation deposit, it is your responsibility to pay it directly to the program (not to UW) by their deadline. UW cannot waive required study abroad deposits, which are generally non-refundable if you withdraw from the program after confirming.

Some pre-departure expenses related to study abroad – such as passports, student visas, health insurance, and airfare – may occur long before you leave for your program, so be sure to budget for these expenses.

If you receive financial aid, many of these costs will be included in your aid award for study abroad, but you may need to pay for some of them out of pocket before your aid is available.

Be sure to cancel your on-campus housing contract or sublet your off-campus apartment prior to your departure from UW, and make arrangements to store any of your belongings that you will not bring with you or ship home.

Many visa applications require you to certify your finances as part of the application process. Common requirements include a notarized letter of financial support from your parents, accompanied by bank statements illustrating a minimum required balance over a period of time.

If you are a financial aid recipient, you may need to provide a copy of your UW financial aid award letter. You can request an official copy of this letter through the UW Financial Aid Office.