WWAMI Medical Education


Foundations phase instruction include the following categories: 

College Faculty

College Faculty and Primary Care Instructors (Preceptors) lead instruction in basic clinical skills which ensures that all students are ready to work with patients during the patient care portion of foundations.



Dana Govaerts, M.D. 

College Head


Dan Radosevich, M.D. 

Foundations of Clinical Medicine Lead

Julie Carlson

Julie Carlson, M.D.

College Mentor/Hospitalist


Tyler Gallo, M.D. 

College Mentor


Nathan Valencia Still, DO 

College Mentor


hope richards

Hope Richards, M.D. 

College Mentor


Tracey Haas, DO 

College Mentor, E-20 class




Thread Faculty

Thread faculty work to integrate topics such as pathology, anatomy and pharmacology into the overall course content.

Human Form & Function- Cam Walker, Ph.D

Histology & Pathology- Cam Walker, Ph.D

Pharmacology-Sreejayan Nair, Ph.D



Cam Walker, PhD



Sreejyan Nair, PhD



 Themes: Eight themes are interwoven throughout all four years of the curriculum. These include: 

  • Primary care,
  • Scientific discovery
  • Diversity
  • Health equity
  • Communication and Interprofessionalism
  • Quality and Safety
  • Ethics and Professionalism
  • Life-long Learning


Block Faculty

Courses are primarily organized in short blocks of instruction with each subsequent block consisting of related, integrated topics.  


Pam Langer, PhD

Block Lead- Fundamentals of Medical Science & Research (FMR): HM 6610
Department of Molecular Biology
307-766-3251 | langer@uwyo.edu


John Willford, PhD 

Block Lead- Infections & Immunity, WWAMI Clinical Assistant Professor: HM 6620
WWAMI Medical Education, Health Sciences Bldg, Rm 445C
307-766-4249 | willford@uwyo.edu

Cam Walker

Cam Walker, PhD 

Clinical Associate Professor- WWAMI Anatomy Lab Director

Block Lead- Muscles, Joints, Bones & Skin  Block Lead- Mind, Brain & Behavior
WWAMI Medical Education, Health Sciences Building, Rm 445E                        307-766-6751 | cam.walker@uwyo.edu


Nellie Bruns

Danielle (Nellie) Bruns, PhD

Block Lead- Cardiovascular System: HM 6630
Division of Kinesiology & Health, Corbett Building, Rm 116
307-766-5290 | dbruns1@uwyo.edu

Emily Schmitt

Emily Schmitt, PhD

Block Lead- Cancer, Hormones & Blood: HM 6640; WWAMI Research Advisor
Division of Kinesiology & Health, Corbett Building, Rm 118
307-766-5286 | eschmit4@uwyo.edu

Brenda Alexander

Brenda Alexander, PhD

Block Lead- Head, Neck & Gut: HM 6650
Department of Animal Science, College of Ag Rm 405
307-766-6278 | balex@uwyo.edu

Brant Schumaker

Brant Schumaker, DVM, MPVM, PhD

Block Lead- Research Methods: HM 6700
WWAMI Medical Education, Health Sciences Bldg. Room 457 B
307-766-2497 | bschumak@uwyo.edu


Esther Gilman-Kehrer, DNP, MS, FNP, CNM

Block Lead- Lifecycle: HM 6900
School of Nursing, Health Sciences Rm 445B
307-766-5358 | egilmank@uwyo.edu


Lindsay Rettler

Lindsay Rettler, PhD

Block Lead- Themes in Medicine: HM 6615; 6625; 6635; 6645   
Ross Hall Rm 126
307-766-3204 | lrettler@uwyo.edu