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Graduate Credentials and Courses in GIST

GIST Graduate Programs

Graduate study in geospatial information science and technology (GIST) gives you the training you need to succeed in this growing multidisciplinary field. We offer a 33-credit online professional master’s degree that can be completed in two years or on your own schedule, as well as a 28-credit coursework and 4 thesis credits research master's that can also be completed in two years. WyGISC also offers 11-15 credit online graduate certificates in GIS, remote sensing, and Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones). These credits contribute to course requirements if you decide to continue towards a master’s degree.

Geospatial courses with the GIST course prefix are offered online and asynchronously, meaning that you can study specific aspects of geospatial science that apply to your work or studies on your own time.

***Note to International Students:

International students enrolled in US universities are limited to a certain number of credit hours from online courses every semester. Currently, most of the GIST courses are taught online. Prior to submitting an application, international students should contact UW International Students and Scholars (uwglobal@uwyo.edu) and the GIST Program Director (gist@uwyo.edu) to learn about the current requirement and how it could affect their immigration status.***


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Professional Master’s Degree in GIST

This master’s degree offers working professionals or distance students the opportunity to develop and improve their geospatial knowledge and skills online and at their own pace. Core courses cover GIS basics, geospatial programming, data visualization, enterprise systems, web GIS, and spatial modeling, while electives provide the chance to explore specific areas of interest. This 33-credit master’s degree can be completed in 2 years.

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Research Master’s Degree in GIST (with thesis)

Students earning our traditional master’s degree work with a faculty mentor to complete a thesis project, giving them the opportunity to plan and execute a geospatial science project in collaboration with an expert. Students complete 28 credits of coursework and 4 thesis credits, and they interact regularly with their mentors either in person or remotely. This degree can be completed in 2 years.

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Graduate Certificate in GIS

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and spatial analysis have become an important part of everything we do—from navigating with GPS to solving complex place-based problems across disciplines. This 15-credit graduate certificate gives you a rigorous academic credential in GIS that includes exposure to fundamental and advanced concepts and the chance to pursue your own interests with generous elective opportunities.

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Graduate Certificate in Remote Sensing

Remote sensing scientists use data collected by satellites, aircraft, and Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones) to address questions important for agriculture, natural resource and wildlife management, global change science, energy development, and many more. From Google Earth to complex spectral analysis, remote sensing is playing an increasingly important role in many fields. This 15-credit online graduate certificate teaches you the fundamentals of remote sensing and digital image processing, and the freedom to use elective courses to pursue your own interests in related topics.

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Graduate Certificate in UAS

In this certificate program, you will learn to safely operate Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones) and to collect and process geospatial data acquired by drones. Demand for professionals trained to operate drones and process drone imagery is growing rapidly in agriculture, natural resource management, construction, energy, transportation, business, and many other fields. A significant aspect of this 11-credit online graduate certificate (with a 2-credit, field-based flight school) is to prepare you to become an FAA certified pilot and to use industry-standard image processing techniques.

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Graduate Courses in GIST

We offer a wide range of online graduate courses in GIST to give students and working professionals the means to learn about specific aspects of geospatial science that are relevant to them.

(Graduate courses include 5000 level courses and above.)


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