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UW Operations Enterprise GIS Detailed Information

Core Development Team Members:

  • Wendy Berelson and Robert Kirkwood, Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center (WyGISC)
  • Robert Kirkwood, Real Estate Operation (REO)
  • Kirk Scheffler, GIS Specialist, Utilities Management

Current Enterprise Data Layers

  • Emergency Phones
  • Automated Defibrillator Units (AED)
  • Real Estate Operations:
    • Improvements (buildings, parking lots etc.)
    • Current real property holdings
    • Leases
    • Easements
  • Landscaped Areas
  • Parking
  • Physical Plant Utilities:
    • Electrical
    • Gas
    • Water
    • Wastewater
    • Stormwater
    • Irrigation
    • Condensate
    • Lighting/Light Poles
  • Bike Paths
  • Donated Features and Art
  • Survey points
  • Shuttle Routes
  • Space Management
    • Building Interior Spaces
    • Building Floor Plans
    • Building Floor Plan Lines
  • Trees

Enterprise GIS is an Integrated System

Integrated System

Administration Map Gallery

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