The first step to joining the new integration is to launch your Perusall 1.3 from LMS course - which will prompt you with a one-time confirm merge email if you previously had a Perusall account.  Accept this, and launch your course. If this is your first time using Perusall, there will be no email.
If you taught courses using the Legacy integration, that content is still available at under My Courses.
For instructions on copying course materials from one course to another, see How do I use Perusall to teach the same course again?
For specific LMS instructor set up instructions, see LMS Setup Instructions .
Grade sync to LMS now allows the instructors to choose whether Perusall should create gradebook columns automatically, or only if instructors create Deep-links.  For more information, see Grade Sync in LTI 1.3  .
For quick questions & answers, see 1.3 FAQ .

For support, visit the Perusall support page.

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