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I am having trouble viewing WyoCourses

To check if your browser is supported, please visit this page.

I am unable to see my courses.

Please note: most courses, unless modified by the instructor, are not made available for students until around 12:00AM on the first day of classes. To check all of your courses are on your WyoCourses:

  1. Login to WyoCourses and navigate to the "Courses & Groups" tab.

  2. Click "All Courses".

  3. All courses for the approaching semester should be listed under "Future Enrollments". If you are missing one of your courses, please email with the course you are missing.

If your instructor has emailed your class saying the course shell is available, and you are still unable to view it, you will need to email your instructor. 

I am unable to submit assignments.

Canvas has reported that a recent change in  Edge has created problems with users submitting assignments. Currently, these are the recommended workarounds:

  1. Use a supported browser other than Edge to submit assignments. A list of the other browsers we support is available to you here: This is the surest, simplest solution for users who have access to a browser other than Edge.
  2. Add Canvas to the list of "trusted" websites in Edge.

What is WyoCourses?

WyoCourses is what the University of Wyoming is branding Canvas, the new system for online course delivery.


What sort of files can I upload to my course in WyoCourses?

All major image and document formats are supported by WyoCourses. Video and audio can be up to 500MB in size. WyoCourses also supports video embedding, so videos can be uploaded to YouTube and embedded in the course for viewing. View a full list of supported video and audio types.


Can I see what a finished course looks like in WyoCourses? 

You can access several different demo courses on the Canvas site. These demo courses are prepopulated with data to give you a good feel for what a course shell will look like. 


I don’t consider myself tech savvy. Is WyoCourses easy to use?

WyoCourses borrows many modern web-design concepts from easy to use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google. From feedback we’ve heard from faculty using WyoCourses, many are enthusiastic about the ease of use of WyoCourses for faculty and students. If you need assistance or have questions, please email or visit our Team Dynamix support page.


What are the benefits of WyoCourses?

In addition to its user-friendly interface, WyoCourses is built from the ground-up on modern web technologies, meaning it plays nicer in your browser and includes features users now expect. For example, the communication system allows instructors and students to customize WyoCourses to notify them via Email, SMS Texts, Facebook, or Twitter of notable course events like upcoming assignments, announcements, or tests.

The platform also easily integrates with 3rd party tools like SlideShare, Google Docs, and Quizlet flash cards. In addition, many external tools can be integrated through a technology called LTI (Learning Tool Interoperability), which is a published open spec.

WyoCourses is also a cloud-hosted platform. In practice, this means minor bugs can be fixed seamlessly without interrupting courses with downtime. New features can also be introduced gradually over time instead of one massive, jarring overhaul.

WyoCourses has a robust, open user community that collaborates online to answer questions and brainstorm innovative uses of the tool. You can browse the community here:


Can I use WyoCourses on my mobile devices?

WyoCourses currently has great apps available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android. For other devices, Canvas works fairly well in mobile web browsers.

Of note to instructors: One of WyoCourses’ apps for iPad is called SpeedGrader, and makes it easy to do routine grading on your iPad.

Search the App Store on your iOS device for ‘Canvas’ or ‘SpeedGrader’ respectively to find the apps. For Android, search the Google Play store for 'Instructure Canvas' to find the app on your Android device.


When I login with my UW username and password, I get a message that I've been successfully logged in, but I am not redirected to WyoCourses. What do I do?

If you aren't redirected, type the address ( into the address bar of your browser again. This should take you directly in to WyoCourses. 


Where can I leave comments or ask questions?

Questions and comments can be sent to or submitted via Team Dynamix.


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