Enrolling in a Course

Go to wyolearn.uwyo.edu and click on the tile for the catalog you would like to browse. In this example, we will choose the Enrichment Catalog.

 Image of the WyoLearn homepage with the Enrichment Catalog tile highlighted.



If the catalog seleted has subcatalogs, then click on the tile of the subcatalog you would like to search for courses.

Image of the subcatalogs in the WyoLearn Enrichment Catalog.



Click on the tile for the course that you would like to enroll in.

Image of tiles for WyoLearn courses.



Click the “Enroll” button.

Image of the detail screen for a course with the Enroll button highlighted.



If you already have a WyoLearn account click the “Sign in now!” link and enter your login information. If you do not have a WyoLearn account, fill out the fields to create one. After you are logged in, type a promotion code if you have one and click “Apply,” then click “Proceed to Payment.”

Image of the sign up for sign in screen in WyoLearn.



You will be redirected to TouchNet where you can input your payment information. Click “Continue” to complete your payment and then you will be directed back to the course page where you can complete your enrollment.

Image of the TouchNet screen where payment information is entered for a course.



You will return to your student dashboard in WyoLearn where you can view the courses you are enrolled in. Click on “Begin Course” to go to the course in Canvas.

Image of the student dashboard in the WyoLearn Catalog with the Begin Course button highlighted.



You will then be able to access the content of the course. For additional help, click on the “Help” tab to view the help options available for WyoLearn.

Image of the Canvas dashboard for a WyoLearn course with the help button highlighted.

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