Wyoming Materials Technician Certification Program

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Program Description- 

Each class is in two parts, an online and a in-person. Please make note of corresponding dates below.


These workshops offer a specialized certification program emphasizing Wyoming DOT specifications 
and procedures. The intentions of the workshops are a review of materials and processes to obtain 
certification and are not introductory training courses. All instruction is online through Zoom. Wyoming T2 Center administers all written tests through an  online test-taking platform. The certification consists of online classroom sessions covering material-specific information,  demonstrations, and a review of testing procedures. The successful completion will fulfill the testing technician certification requirements for Wyoming DOT QC/QA projects. WYDOT issues a certificate 
upon successfully passing both the online written test and the performance test. Wyoming DOT QC/QA projects require that testing technicians be certified for asphalt and concrete projects. All three certifications are good for 5 years.



People requiring the qualifications for conducting or overseeing materials testing on Wyoming DOT
QC/QA projects are encouraged to apply.


Online Class Dates-

Soil & Aggregate Classes

  • January Session: January 29-31,2024 - FULL/REGISTRATION CLOSED

  • March Session: March 18-20,2024

  • May Session: May 13-15,2024


Asphalt Classes

  • February Session: February 7-9,2024 - FULL/REGISTRATION CLOSED

  • March Session: March 6-8,2024

  • May Session: May 20-22,2024


Portland Cement Concrete

  • February Session: February 12-14,2024

  • May Session: May 19-31, 2024


In-Person Performance Exam Dates -

The hands-on portion of the test is conducted in Cheyenne and is required for certification. The test begins at 8AM and finishes by Noon. 

Per WMTC policy, testers that are recertifying may be exempt from the in person performance exam if they have sufficient Independent Assurance Inspections.  You will need to contact the WYDOT materials program to confirm your eligibility.


 January/February Sessions

  • Soil & Aggregate/Asphalt - February 21, 2024
  • Portland Cement Concrete - February 22, 2024

March Session

  • Soil & Aggregate/Asphalt – March 28, 2024

May Session

  • Soil & Aggregate/Asphalt – June 5, 2024
  • Portland Cement Concrete – June 6, 2024



WYDOT Materials Lab
5300 Bishop Blvd, Cheyenne, Wyoming

Contact Person: John Perkins      
PH: 307-777-4096 or CELL: 307-631-5332



Joining the Online Class-

Each day we will have a zoom call.  Follow the link below to join the Zoom meeting. 

Zoom Link for Each Day

We will begin Day 1 at 1:00 pm.

We will begin Day 2 at 8:00 am. We will break for lunch at 12:00 pm and then resume instruction at 1:00 pm.

We will begin Day 3 at 7:50 am for exam instructions. The written exam and performance exam links will be emailed at 8:00 am. We ask that you stay on the Zoom call throughout the tests, with your camera on, in case you experience any technical difficulties or have any questions.

The performance exams will be done at the WYDOT Office in Cheyenne.

If you have any trouble downloading or using Zoom, please contact us:

Phone: (307) 766-6743

Course requirements:

  • Access to a working computer with speakers.

  • Access to a working printer (to print course materials & forms for the exam).

  • A way to download and save provided PDFs onto your computer.

  • We recommend having a webcam for Zoom videos.

  • Download the free version of Zoom to have video calls https://zoom.us/download 

  • A calculator with the STAT function and an understanding of how to use it.


Course Materials 

Aggregate Resources

Asphalt Resources

Concrete Resources

Volumetrics Resources




Contact Us

Wyoming Technology Transfer Center

EN 4092

1000 E. University Ave.

Dept. 3295

University of Wyoming

Laramie, WY 82071

Phone: (307) 766-6743

Fax: (307) 766-6784

Email: wyt2c@uwyo.edu

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