Zoology and Physiology

College of Agriculture, Life Sciences and Natural Resources

Fall 2015 Seminar Schedule

  • Seminars are on Fridays at 12:10 pm in the Berry Center Rm 138 unless noted otherwise.
  • Informal receptions for speakers precede seminars at 11:45 am in the Berry Center.
2015 Fall Seminars
18 Dr. Daniel Blumstein, UCLA
Title: Conservation Behavior: A Fearful Perspective
Host: PiE Student Invited Speaker, Michelle Larson
25 Dr. John Orrock
Title: Land-use history modifies contemporary patterns of consumer abundance and consumer impact on plants
Host: Embere Hall & Jake Goheen
2 Dr. Rich Reading, University of Denver
Title: From ‘PaperPark’ to Model Protected Area: the Transformation ofIkh Nart Nature Reserve, Mongolia
Host: Lauren Stanton
9 Dr. Jim Heffernan, Duke University
Title: Ecosystem dynamics of Florida Springs: Top-down or bottom-up
Host: Bob Hall
16 Dr. Bruce Robertson, Bard College
Title: When good animals make bad decisions: Evolutionary traps as conservation threats and tools
Host: Anna Chalfoun
23 Dr. Jeff Podos, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Title: Take it to the limit: Sexual selection and the songs of birds
Host: Craig Benkman & Jon Prather
30 Dr. Marco Festa-Bianchet, Université de Sherbrooke, Québec
Title: Reproduction and its fitness costs in kangaroos: is bigger better in a mammal with indeterminate growth?
Host: Matt Kauffman & Kevin Monteith
6 Dr. Matt Carling
Title: Viewing bird speciation through a hybrid zone lens
Host: Donal Skinner
13 Dr. Rebecca Barnes, Colorado College
Title: Effects of disturbance on the lateral transport of carbon within ecosystems
Host: Annika Walters & Bob Hall
20 Dr. Jeremy Goldbogen, Stanford University
Title: The biomechanics and physiological ecology of ram filter feeding whales
Host: Jake Goheen
4 Dr. Qian-Quan Sun
Host: Donal Skinner
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