Zoology and Physiology

College of Agriculture, Life Sciences and Natural Resources

Fall 2016 Seminar Schedule

  • Seminars are on Fridays at 12:10 pm in the Berry Center Rm 138 unless noted otherwise.
  • Informal receptions for speakers precede seminars at 11:45 am in the Berry Center.
2016 Fall Seminars
9 No seminar
16 Dr. Julie Reider, Sheridan College
Title: Restoration of Plant Communities on a Gold Mine:  A systematic approach from greenhouse studies to revegetation
Host: Donal Skinner
23 Dr. Julie Savidge, Colorado State University
Title: Past and current efforts working with exotic Brown Treesnakes and native forest birds in the Mariana Islands
Host: Craig Benkman
30 Dr. Scott Newbold, Sheridan College
Title: Life in the colony: The spectacular diversity, and ecological roles, of ants
Host: Donal Skinner
7 Dr. Jeff Johnson, University of North Texas
Title: Phylogenomics of the Heath Hen and its possible de-extinction
Host: Carlos Martinez del Rio
14 Dr. Brian Allan, University of Illinois
Title: The ecology of vector-borne diseases in a changing world
Host: Doug Eddy & Jake Goheen
21 Dr. Brian Cherrington
Host: Donal Skinner
28 Dr. Matt Carling
Host: Donal Skinner
4 Dr. Kendra Greenlee, North Dakota State University
Host: Michael Dillon
11 Dr. Kara Pratt
Host: Donal Skinner
18 Dr. Dana Winkelman, Colorado State University
Title: The future of Colorado Great Plains native fishes:  Too long in the wasteland?
Host: Annika Walters
2 No seminar
9 Dr. Andrew Hendry, McGill University
Host: PiE Students, Cody Porter
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