Zoology and Physiology

College of Agriculture, Life Sciences and Natural Resources

Spring 2015 Seminar Schedule

  • Seminars are on Fridays at 12:10 pm in the Berry Center Rm 138 unless noted otherwise.
  • Informal receptions for speakers precede seminars at 11:45 am in the Berry Center.
2015 Spring Seminars
13 Dr. Liz Scordato, EEB, University of Colorado at Boulder
Title: Contributions of sexual selection and ecology to song divergence in an avian ring species
Host: Craig Benkman
20 PiE Symposium (12 – 5 pm)
27 Dr. Randa Jabbour, Dept of Plant Sciences, University of Wyoming
Title: Linkages between biodiversity and pest control in agroecosystems
Host: Carlos Martinez del Rio
6 Dr. Stacey Smith, EEB, University of Colorado at Boulder
Title: The origin of red flowers: genetic mechanisms, ecological drivers and macroevolutionary patterns
Host: Matt Carling
13 Dr. Merav Ben-David
Title: Fin del Mundo: 17,848 km south of Alaska
Host: Donal Skinner
27 Dr. Cameron Ghalambor, Colorado State University
Title: Does phenotypic plasticity constrain or facilitate adaptive evolution?
Host: Craig Benkman
3 Dr. Ruth Hufbauer, Colorado State University
Title: Rescuing declining populations from extinction: lessons from a model system
Host: Amy Krist
10 Dr. Bob Hall
Title: Are there stream biomes?
Host: Donal Skinner
17 11:00 am: Dr. Stephen Nicolas
Title: TBA
Host: UW Foundation
24 Emma Marris
Host: Carlos Martinez del Rio
30 Clarke Lecture, Thursday at 7:00 pm: Dr. Jack Pettigrew
Title: Bradshaw Rock Art: Controversies over an Extinct Culture
Host: Jeff Woodbury
1 Dr. Jack Pettigrew
Title: The San Bushmen: Past and Present
Host: Jeff Woodbury
8 Dr. Ken Jones, University of Colorado at Denver
Title: Wildlife genetics in the new millennia
Host: Brian Cherrington
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