Zoology and Physiology

College of Agriculture, Life Sciences and Natural Resources

Spring 2016 Seminar Schedule

  • Seminars are on Fridays at 12:10 pm in the Berry Center Rm 138 unless noted otherwise.
  • Informal receptions for speakers precede seminars at 11:45 am in the Berry Center.
2016 Spring Seminars
5 Dr. Colleen Webb, Colorado State University
Title: Wildlife contact networks – When does structure matter for disease spread?
Host: Holly Ernest & Dave McDonald
12 Dr. Jon Pauli, University of Wisconsin
Title: "Slowly, slowly, slowly" said the moth: a syndrome of mutualism drives the lifestyle of the sloth
Host: Merav Ben-David
19 Dr. Phaedra Budy, Utah State University
Title: Towards a better understanding of factors that limit and facilitate one of the world's most invasive fishes: what can we learn from an intercontinental comparison?
Host: Annika Walters
26 No seminar
3 No seminar
11 Dr. Janette Boughman, Michigan State University
Title: Sexual selection & the dynamic process of speciation
Host: PiE, Christopher Beltz & Liz Mandeville
25 Dr. Jeremy Goldbogen, Stanford University
Title: The biomechanics and physiological ecology of ram filter feeding whales
Host: Jake Goheen
1 Dr. Paul Doherty, Colorado State University
Title: High impact practices in undergraduate education: leveraging technology at field stations
Host: Craig Benkman
8 Dr. Michael Sheriff
Title: The consequences of predator-induced maternal stress across the 10-year snowshoe hare cycle
Host: PiE, Brett Jesmer
14 7 pm, Thursday, L. Floyd Clarke lecture: Dr. Raymond B. Huey, University of Washington
Host: Michael Dillon
15 Dr. Raymond B. Huey, University of Washington
Host: Michael Dillon
22 Dr. Katie Langin, USGS, Ft. Collins
Title: Islands within an island: microgeographic divergence in the Island Scrub-Jay
Host: Craig Benkman
29 Dr. Mike Letnic
Host: Matt Kauffman & Jake Goheen
6 Dr. Kate Searle
Title: Spatio-temporal variation in vegetation phenology enhances winter body condition of a migratory ungulate
Host: Matt Kauffman
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