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Idea Labs and Workshops

The Strategic Planning Teams sends everyone a big THANK YOU for participating in unit dialogues and idea labs this semester! Putting your great minds together has helped identify three big strategic themes -- people, processes, and culture -- that the plan will emphasize for UW’s near-term investment and focus. A first draft document is scheduled to be available near the beginning of June, which will provide students, staff, and faculty the first opportunity to provide feedback. (We know - it's summer! So, there will also be a structured process for feedback in the fall). If you didn’t get to participate in dialogues or idea labs, or has more to say, please send comments to any member of the Strategic Planning Council. Thank you again for continuing to help make this a complete document that truly represents our campus community!

Idea Lab Schedule (updated 4/29/22)

  • UW Alumni Association - Thursday, February 25th




  • UW Students - Monday, March 8th - Canceled

    • Canceled.




  • UW Foundation - Monday, March 15th

    • 6:00-7:30pm

    • Private meeting



  • UW Students - Monday, March 17th

    • 6:00-7:30pm

    • Private meeting


  • UW Parents/Students - Tuesday, March 23rd


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