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Wyo Blockchain Education for Everyone

Enhancing financial and digital literacy for the Wyoming workforce

Starting in Fall 2024, Wyoming high school students will start learning the future of finance and the importance of digital literacy through the Wyo BEE program.

Wyo BEE stands for “Wyoming Blockchain Education for Everyone.” The program will provide 12 teaching modules for high school juniors, seniors, and community college students to access. Included in the program will be a digital game and a textbook, co-authored by Steve Lupien, University of Wyoming Center for Blockchain and Digital Innovation (CBDI) director. The modules will also have teacher’s manuals, quizzes and NFT certification for students who complete the coursework successfully.

To date, Wyoming has passed more than 35 bills enabling blockchain and digital assets, intending to positively impact Wyoming’s economy by creating jobs, new business development, and attracting existing blockchain and digital assets businesses to the state.

Wyo BEE was created through funding made available to states by the federal government to develop initiatives rebuilding their economics following the COVID-19 pandemic. To administer the funds, the Wyoming Innovation Partnership (WIP) was created at the request of Governor Mark Gordon in 2021 to modernize and focus Wyoming’s efforts to develop a resilient workforce and economy.

The effort aims to better align Wyoming’s economic development agenda by increasing collaborations between state entities and ultimately local partners. The partnership involves the University of Wyoming, the state’s community colleges, Wyoming Business Council, and Department of Workforce Services with an emphasis on developing innovative solutions that support and enhance Wyoming’s economy, workforce, and sources of revenue.

Wyo BEE is designed to be updated on a regular basis to provide students with the latest information, trends and developments in digital assets. Future plans will expand the program to community college, university and adult education students.

The University of Wyoming Center for Blockchain & Digital Innovation selected Digital Wealth News to produce a series of 12 educational modules on blockchain for Wyoming high school and community college students. The modules were created by American Crypto Academy.

Cindy Taylor of Digital Wealth News interviews Steve Lupien, CBDI director, about Wyoming, digital assets, Wyo Bee and more. Read a summary.

Interviews about others involved in creating the Wyo BEE program can be found at Digital Wealth News: Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon, Caitlin Long, Michelle Aldrich, Jahon Jamali, Candace Ryder, and Bill Taylor.


A sample of a Wyo BEE session module

Wyo BEE sample module


Session 1 - Intro to Crypto & Blockchain Technology

Session 2 - Blockchain Use Cases

Session 3 - Bitcoin

Session 4 - Ethereum & Smart Contracts

Session 5 - Crypto Wallets

Session 6 - Ways to Buy Cryptocurrency

Session 7 - Cryptocurrency Risk

Session 8 - NFTs

Session 9 - Blockchain Gaming

Session 10 - AI & Blockchain Technology

Session 11 - AI & Future Technology

Session 12 - Resources.

  • A copy of the original whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto, "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System," is included in the resources.



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