Graduate Minor Program

Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics

Graduate Minor in Applied Economics


Drilling Rig PhotoWho is the Graduate Minor for:

This program is for non-economics students who want a deeper understanding of economic decision-making. This can include graduate students in:

  • Applied Biological Sciences
  • Applied Ecological Sciences
  • Applied Physical Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Nutrition
  • Healthcare Fields
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology
  • International Studies
  • Environment and Natural Resources 

Why Consider a Graduate Minor:

  • Allows you to focus electives in an area of study that gives you a foundation in that second discipline
  • Appears on the transcript and diploma
  • Most real world policy issues are multi-disciplinary in nature, and
  • Gives you a deeper understanding of the multi-disciplinary nature of applied research

Vedauwoo PhotoStudents take their choice of one basic theory course, Firm Behavior and Production Economics (AGEC 5310) or Consumer Behavior and Price Analysis (AGEC 5740), and a quantitative methods course: Quantitative Methods AGEC 5320 or Intermediate Econometric Theory AGEC 5230.

   They then take one additional graduate course in Agricultural and Applied Economics or Economics and finish with a public seminar course where the student presents results to the broader University. 

   If the major already requires a public presentation that presentation can be substituted for the minor presentation.

   Students are admitted into the Minor with appropriate undergraduate prerequisites: Intermediate Microeconomics, statistics, and one semester of calculus.

Graduate Minor Program Courses 

Application procedure:

   After acceptance into a graduate major send a letter of interest and fill out the application for the graduate minor program in Agricultural and Applied Economics.

   For students already enrolled please fill out a change of major form with the Graduate School indicating the addition of the minor.

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