Dr. Paul Ludden

Associate Professor

Ruminant Nutrition 


Office: AS/MB 123B


Phone: (307)-766-4213




B.S., University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE

M.S., Purdue, West Lafayette, IN

Ph.D., University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, MO


ANSC 1010 Livestock Production

ANSC 2020 Feeds and Feeding

ANSC 3100 Principles of Animal Nutrition

ANSC 4150/5150 Physiology of Ruminant Digestion

ANSC 4550 Animal Science Internship

ANSC 5865 Advanced Seminar in Nutrition

Research Interests 

Research interests deal with nitrogen/protein metabolism of ruminant livestock fed forages. Of special interest is nutritional manipulation of endogenous nitrogen recycling in the ruminant, with the following research objectives: 1) how ruminal protein degradability and supplementation frequency impact the recycling process, 2) expression and distribution of urea transporters in the rumen and other tissues involved in the recycling process, and 3) how nutritional manipulation of recycling influences visceral organ mass and subsequent efficiency of protein and energy use by the animal.

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